Where to buy bulk flaxseed for crafts?

luvladybugsNovember 6, 2009

I'm wanting to make myself some of the microwave hot and cold pads that ususally contain flaxseed or rice. I am so tired of buying them when I could just make my own. I use them daily in all different sizes so it's not too practical.

I am looking for a place that sells discount bulk flax seeds. If you have any suggestions or have bought some I'd love to hear where. I've searched online but am confused by all the different types of flaxseed. Can you tell me what exactly to look for?

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Do you have a whole foods store or co-op in your area? Any place that sells bulk food, esp. whole grains, should carry it. Some feed stores carry it too however it might be called linseed so check for that name. Flaxseed often denotes human grade consumption while linseed can mean livestock feed grade.
In case you're wondering linseed/flaxseed is where linseed oil comes from.

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I bought mine at a grain store "out in the country". People use it to feed their animals to give them a shiny coat and it is good for digestion. I pay $0.49 a pound where I buy it.

I think flax seed is flax seed. I think there is just different qualities (human & animal). If you are just looking to make some for yourself and not to sell, you can find flax seed at any grocery store in the baking aisle. I know my Walmart carries it.

I searched online to find mine, before I found the grain store, I just googled craft flax seed and tons of different places came up. Depending on where you live, try an livestock feed store or the grocery. If all else fails, I can get some for you and ship it to you. I have no idea how expensive shipping would be though.

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Have you tried ebay?

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A local grocery store near my home has them in their bulk section. I beleive it is 35 cents a pound. I buy it to feed my chickens. It isn't more than 60 cents a pound for sure! Winco is the name of the store. Cub Foods in some areas.

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If I use Flaxseed for a heating pad ,do I have to process it or treat it somehow? Will microwaving it do damage or cause odors?

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i know i'm late commenting, but i just saw flaxseed(for consumption) at Sam's. i don't remember the price but i almost bought it for my diet after watching dr. oz. maybe i'll buy it next week. maybe petsmart has some in bulk you could use for heating pads.

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kudzukween, thanks for posting! I still am unable to find flaxseed or linseed at a reasonable price in volume. Can you tell me what section of Sam's you saw it? I never would have thought of them!

Here is a link that might be useful: Where to buy flaxseed for crafts?

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I used some one time that I bought at a country feed place,. One thing I found was that I didn't like the odor if it was overheated. I make a lot of hand warmers and I like to use dried hard wheat from the bulk food store. It is more expensive than rice but I like it better than either rice or flaxseed. I do like rice, though, better than flax seed.

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These people may hjave this dried flower warehouse look on internet

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Flaxseed is sold at Sam's Club near the vitamins and supplements.

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