Wal-Mart question

casc71November 14, 2008

In the last month I have been to Wal-Mart's in 2 different towns to buy fabric. At both places the clerk told me that most Wal-Marts are going to lose their fabric dept. and be replaced by Martha Stewart Crafts. Has anyone else heard this. I hope it is not true. Wal-mart is the only place in our town to buy reasonable fabric.

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I haven't heard that but I hope it isn't true...I really don't like anything in the Martha Stewart line and it is so much more expensive. If they do that they will lose my business.

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We only have 3 Walmarts out of the 12 or so in my area,
that still have their sewing department.
What they have now is party central
- Everything you need for a kids party or wedding,
and a scaled down grocery section.
I asked the other day if they still carried craft paint.
She looked at me and said
"Well that would be in the paint department."
And it was!..........cheryl

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Some of their stores were already converted some time ago. Luckily for me, they left one in my area with the fabric dept. The lady there said she was told they had no plans to change it at this time. The other store in the opposite direction was redone and no longer has a fabric dept.--I'm not a quilter, but I often buy fabric for craft items so I really hated that they had taken that dept. out. Luvs

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Mine still has fabric but others around here don't have it anymore and their craft section looks like a couple of aisles from Target. I hate the new Walmart structures. They are still carrying yarn.

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I have three Wal Marts that I can go too.. I just wish they do not take the fabrics and crafts from them ..one is near my work the other two are near my home..and there also is a 4th one near by also I forgot about that one, cause I never go to it.. little too far away.. they have changed almost all the wal marts here to the super wal marts and that is fine as long as they do not put in Martha Stewart fabrics.. and crafts her stuff is just way to expensive.. does not pay anyone to make things to sell with her products.. I do have Hobby Lobby near work and also a Michaels.. do not go to Michaels much.. I do go to Hobby Lobby.. I love that store.. good thing it is by my work.. so I do not go there much.. or my son would kick me out of the house, cause I would be bringing stuff and more stuff home all the time..lOl It is bad enough I go on a local on line auction and buy some really nice stuff very cheap.. but sometimes I just get too much stuff as Old George Garlin us to say.. We buy stuff and them more it around so we can buy more stuff. That is me..LOL Huggy

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There are several Wal-Marts around here. The older ones still have fabric. There is no selection on anything. I don't like to shop at wal-Mart, but someone gave my kids gift cards so we went last night. I looked in the crafting area for Christmas crafting supplies. I didn't find anything except a few buttons and sew on things. Wal-Mart used to sell a huge selection of Christmas crafts. Oh well, another reson not to shop there. At least I have easy access to Hobby Lobby, Micaels and Joannes.

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FlamingO in AR

I live in the heart of Wal-Mart country, where the home offices are. None of the area WM's carry fabric around here anymore, they have a bit of thread and a few zippers and a dab of yarn and then some craft stuff, and the Martha Stewart stuff, which I actually like because there are no Michael's around here and I have to go waaaaay far away to get to a Michael's or a JoAnne's. I mostly shop at the Roger's WM and it's the test store for the rest of the country, what we get here is what you'll probably get there. (I can tell you this- you're going to get wider aisles!) lol

We do have Hobby Lobby and they carry a much smaller fabric dept than they used to and the quality of fabric is not as good as it used to be. The local Hancock Fabrics closed, too, so obviously there isn't as much demand for fabric anymore, as the price of fabric has gotten so high, $9 yd and up for good stuff. I have to go to local quilt shops to get good cotton fabrics or order it online.

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The Hancock store closed here too. The Walmart nearest to me still has fabric, but the new ones don't. The Joanns near here has changed also and mostly seems to have crafty things, not the huge selection of fabric they used to.

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This doesn't sound good, no fabric ,little in crafts & wider aisles. That means less product.I don't care to walk all over the place to see a poor selection, talk about cutting your own throats. Big Lots was neat when they came in & now is at least 1/3 cheap furniture.(Prices may not be cheap but not quality you would get from furniture store!!)Sad!! I want a Woolworth Five & Dime!!!!Sure do miss some of the old stuff!! Jan

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"...I want a Woolworth Five & Dime!!!!Sure do miss some of the old stuff!! Jan..."

Then you'll like this.
Here in Vermont there are only FOUR WalMarts in the entire state! One is in Bennington about 12 miles from us. When they wanted to come to VT they were told they could NOT build in a field outside of town. They HAD to locate in town and there was a vacant WOOLWORTHS store they could have. But they were not allowed to expand the building by one foot. They had to stay inside this 40,000 sq ft store. This was not easy for WalMart since the average store at that time was 112,000 sq ft. But they located inside the building and it's the smallest store in the chain.

And then a funny thing happened. The surrounding businesses didn't close, but had MORE business! They LOVE WalMart! Simply by putting the store near downtown, everybody benefited.

But everybody misses the Woolworths lunch counter!

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But everybody misses the Woolworths lunch counter!
I loved their mashed potatoes and gravy.

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Our WM fabric dept went out over a year ago and I'm still grieving. It was always busy as all getout and must've sold huge amounts - I don't understand why they made this decision. Now there's a big section of MS crafts, which never has anybody in it when I walk by.

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I worked at Woolworth in S.D.as a teenager & when I came out here was thrilled they had 1. I kept eyeing the banana split. Oh, looked so good. Finally got 1 & ate it all,wished I hadn't but that old store was such fun to look for crafts & crazy stuff in. They often ran specials & had coupons at the North Hollywood store. Would shop at Sears, Penny's & then head for the specials & kids & I would share something at the lunch counter. Beam me back Scotty!! Jan

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When WM re-designed the stores a couple of years ago, a lot of people wrote/emailed Bentonville re: fabric.I think I learned about it on GW & wrote as well as emailed. Our town only has WM & HL for fabric....HL is way too expensive & not any prettier, IMO. What we were allowed to keep is poorly arranged - chopped up displays -- and the craft section is horrible.

I thought MS had an exclusive w/Kmart, but apparently not any more. Her stuff is invading every store. That's ok as long as the shoppers are given options!! I'm not a MS fan.

I, too, would like to see a 'real' 5&10 (they had a little bit of everything), a Kress' or Woolworth's (again, little bit of everything). The so-called good 'o days had their benefits!

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We have two Walmarts. The older one is larger and as far as I know, it still has a fabric department and a large craft department.

I like the newer store better, but I wish it had a sewing department and more crafts.

My son told me that some cities wouldn't let them build the larger stores, when they downsized them, they found they were more profitable, so the new stores are all smaller, no fabric, not many crafts.

I love the idea of putting Walmart downtown. This town has spent millions of dollars on studies about revitalizing the downtown, personally I thought it was a lost cause. I'll bet a Walmart there would have done the trick. They were too quick and greedy incorporating areas to include the Walmarts.

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We have a WalMart in an old dept store it's 2 stories & usually they like to build from ground up, everybody took sides but once it was in it revitilized the small dying mall & I think is only thing that keeps it going. I remember when malls came to small town midwest & they set up at edge of town. It was rough on lot of mom & pop operations. But some stores went to mall checked on what they carried & got different products so we actually ended up with better choice. Those that kept store as always-ended up closing up. Times change & lot is good. DD said kids don't need toys- I'm so glad- walking into toy store I might as well be on the moon. I can't figure out all the stuff in them now. I asked clerk for a simple toy truck & he looked at me like I was nuts & said "I don't think we have any!" Jan

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Our Walmart did away with their Fabric Dept. this year. And we have no other place near us that sells it. Gotta go out of town to find any. Every since Walmart took the fabric out, I have shopped less their. Even the lady that worked in that dept. said she didn't think it would go out beacause they sell a lot of material. They even went and bought out all the material from another Walmart's that was doing away with theirs. But, then after all they did away with ours.

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