Dual Fuel Ranges: Does the Bosch 700 Series compare to the Wolf?

foxmoorDecember 15, 2011

We're remodeling our kitchen and I'd like a Dual Fuel range (30"). The Wolf DF304 looks fantastic, but I'm wondering if the Bosch Dual Fuel 700 Series (HDS705) might be acceptable for several thousand $ less? All input appreciated!

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It depends on your definition of "acceptable."

For most people it would be a resounding yes.

If you fall into the minority that would find the Bosch unacceptable on performance grounds you would know it and would not need to ask strangers for advice.

The benefits of the Wolf are marginally better cooktop performance,the ability to bake on 2 or 3 racks well, and the potential for consistenty good pastry results. Realizing that potential does not require you graduate from a top French culinary school just that you kinda know what you are doing in the kitchen. Last but not least of the objective benefits are better long term durablity but not by a large enough margin to justify the price premium.

Then there are the subjective benefits. You get to impress yourself and friends every time you walk into your kitchen because that Wolf with red knobs looks like the range in kitchen magazines and kitchens on tv shows from Cougar Town to American Horror Story.This point is the crux of the matter IMO. Are you willing to pay that premium to impress yourself and friends?

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deeageaux - An excellent response - many thanks. I've not really heard of Wolf until I stumbled onto this board, but the Bosch looks good and appeared to offer a good value for the $. I didn't realize the innate value of 'red knobs', as I tend to ignore the ads in the food magazines and can be rather obtuse regarding modern culture - just ask my wife.

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Only a dope would buy a range for knob color and you don't strike me as that.

You are looking at two very different dual fuel ranges and either one is likely to be an improvement over an old coil stove. The choice depends on your assessment of cooking performance needs and wants and, of course, budget. Let's say the Bosch is a Chevy while the Wolf is a Mercedes. Both will take you where you want to go. The difference is style, features, performance, cost, investment value, pleasure.

The build quality (sturdiness, heft) of the two ranges is quite different -- that you can judge from opening/closing oven doors; lifting burner grates, looking at the quality of the burners themselves. These differences should be fairly apparent if you take a few minutes. Take one of the burners apart.

The output (power) on the burners also should be compared as well as their placement. F.e.x. I like the highest output burner in the center or front so I don't have to reach over a big hot pan while it's going. The placement of the controls is very different as well -- the Bosch has them a back panel (again reach over) while the Wolf has them in front.

There is going to be a difference, as well, in oven performance as deeageaux mentioned, in addition to build quality.

Service can be another area where there may be a difference if should anything go wrong. Wolf is known for this. However, two people I know who have Bosch ranges like them.

There are other aspects to making the choice, not the least of which has to do with real estate. The ephemeral value of a Wolf range can be referenced in a real estate listing (should that become an issue) as it is seen as an asset. But for most people, this is a lifestyle choice (and a function of budget).

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Agree with rococogurl. It would be great if there was someone who had cooked with both over time and could compare them but that would be hard to find. You are left with reading individual opinions and trying to make comparisons yourself.
Even though many ovens have the third element convection, they can all work a little differently. The Wolf has the ability to use straight convection, which is used when you have the oven packed out. It also has dual fans and elements in the oven and that does make a difference in thee evenness of heat in the oven.
As far as the burners- the simmer on the Wolf goes extremely low on all the burners. I like that they are all the same except the simmer burner.
I would read the manual on both and try to cook on them if you can.
Of course you can cook on either but only you can tell if it is worth the money to buy a Wolf. I have cooked on a variety of "conventional" ranges all my life and I have really enjoyed having a Wolf. I might like the Bosch too but just have never cooked on it.

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I am sorely tempted to spend the extra $ and go with the Wolf. Then when I retire in six of so years, I'll just take the silly thing with me rather than leave it behind, if possible. Having survived with an electric coil range for many years and cooked many terrific meals, it's time to invest in a better range. I also bake a lot, especially this time of year with biscotti, cookies, and fruitcake (my father's favorite), so an even oven heat would be desirable. I did go locally to a small dealer in Wolf appliances and could only see a cooktop and wall oven, but it gave me some idea as to the quality of the Wolf products - impressive. The fact that they're made in Wisconsin is a nice aspect too.

As for the Bosch, some good reviews on Amazon/Lowe's etc., but also some reports of poor longevity, and quality control, which is a bit troubling. Thanks for all the input.

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My wife is balking at the cost of the Wolf, so I'm back to considering the Bosch again, which the weight of evidence indicates is acceptable for my uses. All input appreciated!

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In the link is a floor model WOLF L SERIES 36" Single SS wall oven delivered to your door for $2149.No warranty though. I have purchased from these guys and they have been honest with me.They have checked the oven and says it works.

You can then buy a 30" BS cooktop for ~$1600 or 36" for ~$2100.Made in Pennsylvania.

You get your even heat Wolf oven but larger size plus a superior cooktop. And save ~$2500

Here is a link that might be useful: Wolf

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We've owned our Bosch Duel Fuel 700 Series range for about 3 years. We use it extensively cooking for our family. We have no experience with the Wolf.

I'd be hard pressed to believe the Wolf heats the oven more evenly than the Bosch when using the external element convection mode. We bake delicate cookies on two racks simultaneously and they are evenly done. If the Wolf heats more evenly, it would be beyond our ability to detect.

Plenty of people here will sing the praises of pro-style open burners on a range top. The Bosch burners are sealed with a single stainless drip tray surrounding all four burners. I've made a few spectacular messes that cleaned up easily, although I sometimes lay a wet kitchen towel on the mess for a while if it has baked itself dry and hard. Sealed burners require different sizes for different tasks. The dual cast iron grates cover the entire range top, making it easy to slide pots around at will.

Very high BTU burners will bring large pots of water to a boil faster, but all of our actual cooking is at a much lower heat output. Simmering performance is good. We don't wok at home (excellent takeout around the corner with a commercial wok setup.) I can't comment on the wok ability.

The touch sensitive controls could be more sensitive. They require a rather deliberate "touch." I'd prefer something with a little tactile feedback, but they work. I worry a bit about computer and electronic controls in the back panel being heated by the operating oven and cooktop. We've had no problems with them but it's a concern.

A couple of years after a kitchen remodel we can look back and evaluate our choices for appliances, countertops, flooring, etc. The Bosch range has been a joy.

Clearly the Wolf, BS, CC, etc. offer more commercial looks and horsepower. We cook to feed a family and because we enjoy it, but it's not a hobby unto itself for either of us. There was a time when I enjoyed high-horsepower muscle cars. The Toyota Camry will get you where you're going, but the big block Camaro was more fun to drive. I understand the difference.

If your budget or needs lead you to the Bosch, I think you'll find it a good machine.

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A Wolf oven will heat more evenly than a Bosch.

All you need is precise oven thermometer or to be observant of the results to tell the differance.

High btu burners are not only for boiling but for searing/woking without overcooking or paraboiling.

The differences are small in the grand scope of things but to some of us it matters. Most people don't care. That is why the vast majority of people don't have Gaggenau/Wolf ovens or Bluestar, Culinarian,or induction cooktops/rangetops.

You can eat takeout around the corner for just about anything.

Bosch or any other range will turn raw food into cooked food.

But to pretend there is no difference between an average tool and very high quality tool is just not being honest.

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xyzzy834 - Many thanks for your first-hand experience, especially that the Bosch has been performing well for 3 years. It sounds as if the Bosch should fit my needs and budget.

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> Posted by deeageaux (My Page) on
Sat, Dec 17, 11 at 1:52

Wow. I think someone turf just got stepped on.

> A Wolf oven will heat more evenly than a Bosch.
> All you need is precise oven thermometer or to be observant of the results to tell the differance.

Like I stated the first time. If delicate cookies on multiple racks cook evenly, the heating evenness difference is not detectable by me. That is not to say there aren't huge performance differences between the Bosch and the pro style ranges. I think I made that clear the first time.

> Bosch or any other range will turn raw food into cooked food.
> But to pretend there is no difference between an average tool and very high quality tool is just not being honest.

If that's what you read into my mini-review of the Bosch range I actually own and use, I can't help you.

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xyzzy834 - No worries. I appreciate the time you spent to compose a thoughtful and informative message about your personal experience with the Bosch - many thanks! We've decided on the Bosch.

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We put in a Bosch dual-fuel range when we built our house six years ago, for exactly the reasons you have made this choice. I read lots of reviews and thought about it hard. I was happy to see that someone here liked theirs. I have been very disappointed, and wonder if we just got a lemon. We are about to replace it.

The burners don't get very hot, even the high BTU one, nor do they get very low. Thus it takes forever to boil a big pot of water, and in order to have something on simmer where there's no bubbling at all, I need to use one of those heat diffusers on the burner. I thought it might be a propane vs. natural gas problem, but the plumber and appliance guys assured me this was not it.

The oven does not cook evenly side to side. I have to rotate cookie sheets and the like to get even heating.

On the plus side, the controls are intuitive and easy to use. And I love the extra stuff like dehydrating and warming.

Now I have to start shopping all over again for another stove. Phooey. Good luck and I hope it was just a lemon issue for us.

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mollyavalon - thanks for your input and sorry to hear of your problems with the Bosch. We're going to look at the Wolf next weekend and compare to the Bosch. I've been looking at Consumer Reports and they certainly have positive things to say about Wolf, its performance and customer service. Good luck with your replacement range..

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I would save some money and buy an all-gas range instead of the dual fuel. That way, you can buy the Wolf, and, while still expensive, the Wolf all-gas is not as costly as the Wolf dual-fuel. And please don't think that a gas oven doesn't bake as well as an electric oven. That idea is a holdover from 20-30 years ago, before gas ovens had electronic ignitors, modern insulation and electronic temperature control. Anyway, while you are at the store looking at the Wolf dual fuel, check out the all-gas model, and the price difference.

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Research on this topic has raised the Kenmore Elite 30" Dual Fuel as another range to consider. Any thoughts on this one?

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The Bosch Dual Fuel 30" 700 Series is really a gorgeous machine. We have all the Bosch appliances and had done a lot of research to find those that would be high-end but not completely blow our budget. Their appliances perform fantastically in our experience. With the dual fuel incidentally, I wasn't able to install it due to being in a co-op and not being able to get the additional voltage needed for that oven in my kitchen. So beware on that one... However, it is brand new and never been installed, and still sitting in my living room two months later (merchant would not let us return it) so if you want a great deal on one, let me know...

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xyzzy834 - Can you please update and let us all know how you like your Bosch range now in mid-2014? I'm considering a Bosch 30 inch range, and would love to hear from a real owner ;-)


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