Propane vs. Natural Gas Ranges

BigkittytalksDecember 20, 2013

I'm currently using a propane range that came with the house we recently purchased. I'm wondering if propane ranges are "dirtier" in terms of their burning than natural gas or if my range is just in need of repair. The propane company has tested it for leaks and has given it the all-clear. However, it is incredibly stinky, with such strong unburned fuel smell when lighting the oven that I have to open windows in addition to running the overhead fan. The burners are also smelly, and I must run the fan when cooking. It doesn't smell so much like propane, as when lighting the oven, but it is still a yucky smell that can get overwhelming with poor ventilation. I've also noticed a sticky film developing in the fan/vent area. I've never had these issues with natural gas stoves. I'm hoping to remodel with a gas stove, but need to know if our problems are range- or fuel-related. Thanks in advance for any insight you might be able to give!

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Propane is a good, clean fuel but as we only just discovered, supplier and inadequately maintained tank may make a difference. We are in the process of replacing our oven as it ignites late subsequently releasing an escalating amount of noxious odourant (added to warn of a potential leak). In the meantime we also replaced our propane supplier and tank of over twenty years for other reasons entirely. Much to our surprise the odor left with the old supplier and the oven is still here. We ensured the propane still has sufficient odourant in it to catch our attention but for whatever reason (concentration of odourant in tank?) it does not have us checking the oven to ensure it is lit.

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