Idea for 2-Photo Ornament

blueiris24November 27, 2011

I need help finding an idea for an ornament that I can showcase one photo on one side and another on the other side - a bit of a joke so one side can be turned into the tree at all times. Most ornament directions I can find either showcase one photo and there really isn't a way to add another "main" photo unless I just slap it on the backside, which is not what I want to do -- and others have multiple photos. Any ideas? TIA

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Do you need to be able to take the photos out again? You could buy some one sided photo ornaments or oval or square picture frames and glue them together with a hanging ribbon in the middle. You can cover the seam with ribbon. Not sure how fancy you want. You can buy some pretty cute frames, but you could also make your own by cutting cardboard shapes and covering them paint or fabric or something.

If you need to preserve your photos, you can always copy them.

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No, I will have multiple copies of them so I won't need to preserve them.

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Check out this Dollar Tree Link. I think if you used something symmetrical like the angel, tree, or bell, you could put a ribbon or piece of embroidery thread in the middle and glue the backs together.

You could also go to the craft stores and look in the wooden cut outs for shaped cutouts to paint or decopauge and glue together.

You can go as glamourous or cheesy as you want with it.

Have fun!

Here is a link that might be useful: Dollar tree bulk frame ornaments

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this might work for you. but I saw it done with clear contact paper just put the photos back to back

Here is a link that might be useful: glass ball ornie

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