first time owner: kitchen appliances - where to start

dojeyDecember 15, 2012

There's quite a lot to be learnt out there. I've spent some time reading the forums but I find they're primarily geared towards high-end appliances. I'm hoping I can get some help on the more modest end of things.
(Note: It's a $530k fixer-upper... I'm hoping for ~$5k for all appliances.. does that sound realistic or too low?)

This is essentially what I am looking for:

- basic... realistically I will hardly ever use it but feel it best to get one

30" gas slide-in range
- no budget and/or room (counter space) for cooktop + wall oven
- I think dual-oven would be really nice, but realistically not sure if it's doable in budget

- French door with no in-door ice (I know some don't like the French door.. I kinda like it)
- leaning towards counter-depth... though have to see how things pan out in the kitchen layout forum ^.^

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Sophie Wheeler

Your budget is low for your want list. If you want to stay within budget, then sacrifice the counter depth and go with a regular depth refrigerator and do the same for the slide in in favor of a regular free standing range. You could be within budget if you gave up those upgrades.

I'd look at the Samsung or LG french door fridges for a counterdepth that still has some room, but those run around 3K. For a slide in range, look at Bosch or GE, but those are another 2K, and you're out of budget for a DW. Add to the budget and get a Bosch or LG. The ones right around $700 will do the job and be quiet and also be appropriate to the level of the other appliances. If resale is important, no one wants to come into a kitchen and see a $199 apartment grade DW with somewhat nicer grade consumer appliances.

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Sophie Wheeler

I meant to mention that you don't have a hood in the budget, and that's a necessary component of any appliance package. As is a MW. You can combine the two in an OTR MW, but you will get better performance from either if you choose separate components for each.

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Hi Holly,

Thanks for the good read points. With regards to some of them:
- yeah the counter-depth was a wish list... I won't be crying over that sacrifice though
- I never understood why slide-in costs more than free standing. Really I have no issue with either, just that most free standing have the built-in "backsplash" which would definitely take away from the island (I'm considering getting the range on the island, but haven't finalized)
- hood wasn't included for that very same reason... not sure where my range is going to go yet (island or against wall)

I was at an appliance store and they had me with a Jenn-Air slide-in gas range ($1.7k with rebates), cabinet depth French door ($1.6k with rebates), and dishwasher ($0.7k with rebates). Thinking that Jenn-Air is likely a premium price for not much value (from what I can gather online), I figured I'd be able to do a bit better.
Also going to check out the Sears Outlet to see what they have today. But at least I have a bit more in terms of what brands tend to be the ones I ought to go for (and that microwave!)

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Island ventilation is significantly more expensive and difficult to accomplish than when you have the cooking zone against the wall. It's also more difficult to accomplish logistically for safety reasons. If there is another location for the cooking zone, I'd highly recommend choosing that if it's an option. In fact, I'd recommend posting the entire kitchen layout in the Kitchen Forum for feedback. If this is a new build or a significant remodel, it's much better to get all of that right while you can!

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Yeah... it's a tough one with the island ventilation. I think it'd be really cool but the costs just seem prohibitive. The trick is finding another layout that will still allow me to open things up.

I have posted in the Kitchen Forum as well (look for "first time owner"). Looks of good feedback.
(it is essentially a significant remodel)

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actually you can easily get all 3 of those for $5000 or less.

1. Gas stove, get a NXR 30" $1800-$2000 nothing better for the price.

2. Fridge , Samsung CD $2000 with 30% off sale at Sears and nothing wrong with in door ice, have had in door ice and water on last 2 fridges we have had first lasted 19 years and this one so far 2 years without a single problem.

3. DW Get a Kenmore Elite stainless interior, about $700

This is exactly what we have in our kitchen.

Our total cost was $4400

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You can get an induction cooktop and oven with a 5 year warranty from Ikea. $1k for the cooktop and $750 or more for the oven. Although you can use any oven. Your ventilation requirements are signficantly reduced because of no major waste heat. Ikea cabs will save you also.

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@Nunyabiz1: NXR... awesome! After reading your post I did some more reading and it's very likely I'm going to go with that. Need to do some additional reading but great recommendation!
I'll also check out the fridge and DW recommendations you had, so far only had enough time to read about NXR.

@dan: I used to love Ikea but now have this sort of snobbish look on them. I think I do need to take a second look, but I am still a bit wary of going with Ikea (my previous impressions aren't too favourable).
With regards to induction, I need to read some more on those threads. I really do enjoy gas and am hoping to go with it, with the added convenience of not having to change my cook set (relatively minor cost compared to all the appliances I'll be getting)
But I may end up going with Ikea cabs and refacing them... I think that may work out well.

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We have had the stove for a bit over 2 1/2 years now with no problems whatsoever, love it and would buy again. We did buy the older NRG3001 version which we actually preferred the look of. The only difference other than looks is I believe the newer version only has 304 stainless on just the cooktop itself while the sides are 430 stainless which shouldn't be any problem.

The fridge we have had for 2 years with no problems.
The only thing that Iam not overly thrilled about on the fridge is that the drawers are a bit shallow BUT that is the cost of a CD fridge no matter which one you get.

The DW we have had for at least 8+ years or so, not one single problem with it either.

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