Update on School Boutique

creepfanNovember 18, 2008

Went to the school today to discuss space with the principal for the boutique we are setting up Thursday afternoon. She was very gracious and basically told us we could set up as much space as we wanted or needed. Didn't give us any restrictions. As well as the fact that she told us that if all goes well she would love to have us come back and do it again and for sure wants us to do their spring carnival!! The strange thing is they've NEVER seen our stuff! I'm really excited and I pray that all goes well on Thursday. Cross your fingers for me!

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Keeping my fingers crossed... You'll do fine! Sounds like a fun day will be had by all.

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Good Luck!! What an opportunity ! Enjoy!! Jan

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Thanks you two. I really hope this will blossom into something great. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

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Went really well. We sold almost $150.00. so I am very pleased. If it hadn't been for the snobby, PTA women, it would have been an excellent night. I think they felt we stepped on their toes. But last time I checked, it's the principal who dictates what happens in that school. Owell... the Principal and VP were delighted with our stuff and our set up and for no effort on anyone's part except ours the PTA made an additional $40 or so. Can't complain about that.

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Great!!! Wonderful report!

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Creepfan, that is so wonderful.. I am glad everything went well for you.. and that the folks that counted were happy, I think it was a great idea, give a punch to the bookfair.. I would think the PTA would have been glad to have some new stuff there.. always remember if you keep doing what your doing you keep getting what you got.. so now looks like the School group got a little more for the pocket this year .. thanks to you..

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Thanks.. it just put a damper on the evening when the two women from the PTA were totally snotty to us. It was as if they were "looking down" on us. You'd think they would have been grateful, but they were more annoyed by us being there. It just wasn't necessary for them to be B**tchy about the whole thing, ya know. Owell, I'm happy and that is what is important!

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Great job Creepfan. You know there are always those who don't like change and can't see someone else's ideas working. Now that they have seen that they earned money from what you did and they didn't have to do anything for it, maybe next time they won't be so B****y. It is always nice to do something for someone else. I think You are wonderful for the effort. Hope that their attitudes don't discourage you from doing it again.

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There is ALWAYS someone who has that problem. I'm glad for ya...It's their problem not yours, you just outshined them that's all....Hooorrraaayyy for you!!!The word will get out about your wonderful things and next time there will be more looking....

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thank you both so much. You are very sweet for saying what you said. I guess I needed to hear it, cuz I'm feeling better about it. You all are great. Thanks for cheering up a newbie!

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Maybe they were afraid the books wouldn't sell as well, but most of the time it is just jealousy & wishing they had thought up the idea to have craft boutique. Glad it went well & the parents will get word to the principal & you better get ready for that Spring festival as soon as xmas is over!! Did you hear what they made on books? Might not have done too well. 10 cents to $1 is all they get for them out here. Might be a bit embarssing when the ladies report back to PTA that the craft lady had $40 donation to PTA. Too bad you can't be fly on the wall!!!It will get them thinking that's for sure. Congrats!! Jan

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Thanks, Jan. I didn't hear how much they made on the books. It was busy and seemed like they had a line the whole time at the register. Who knows what they issue was. Don't really care at this point. I'm happy we did as well as we did. Yup, we are starting on items for that Spring show right after the first of the year. We have our strategy set. Get through the holidays and then we can breathe a bit before we get busy again. Thanks again for your kind words everyone!

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