I need help with many things!!! Pricing and pincusion stuffing...

concretenprimrosesNovember 16, 2011

Two things: Pricing questions and how to questions about 2 items

In another post I talked about having a craft show in a friend's home. Another friend came up with the idea of her friends making some brooches or other small things and donating the money if they sell to "the house" to help her out.

1. So I made these 7 kanzashi flowers from fabric I had already. I did a quickie/easy center with hot glued buttons and a couple cute shapes I got on etsy.

Can I just hot glue the brooch pin to the back or should I sew it on (to the felt circle). AND what should I charge? Or maybe I should ask first do you think they will sell? I held them up to my shirt and the look very pretty.

The are about 3 1/2 inches accross. I will try to make at least 5 more.

2. I also want to make some pincushion/ornaments from canning jar lids, like the one below which belongs to my friend Susan. What would be the best thing to stuff a pincushion with? I'm not sure just regular poly fill is the best. Its probably too early to ask for a price idea since I haven't made any yet.

I love the whimsy of sea shells on a sewing aid.



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Cute flowers & nicely done. I think I would sew the pins on the back neatly as i think it will look more professional. if they turn it over & it is stuck in glue they might think it is easy to do.(my thinking anyway!LOL) Love the pincushion. I would try just covering a lid with any old piece of cloth & stuff it full(can hold cloth on with large safety pin pulled over whole thing(not making myself clear- this is just to see how pins go in-GF just made a cotton Sugar & Spice pin cushion-Didn't work so well, the cotton yarn doesn't want to accept pins, it is crocheted. So she used acrylic yarn & made another,needles & pins go in great. The pincushions are kind of like a sock that fits over a glass to absorb sweat from the glass-imagine that you make 3 sizes & each smaller than last & put large 1 on outside, med. 1 in center & small one in center like a miniature 3 tiered cake-higher in the center(center open for thimble. Lesson is cotton yarn doesn't work, acrylic does. Foam wouldn't work, fiberfill might. Those store bought "tomatoes" that have a strawberry added full of pumice are full of some kind of polyfil or similar material. I'm too tired to be on here. Probably goggle "crocheted pincushions & come up with pattern. She copied mine that someone made me. Hope this makes sense! Jan

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crete...they are very cute flowerpins...but I don't have a clue what they would sell for...I would also 'sew' on the pin.

Those canning lid ornies look very cute...have fun w/them. Sorry no $$$ advice for you...but wanted you to know I think they're really cute! Jeanne S.

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One thing I've done to make pincushions is to cut a styrofoam ball in half the size of the jar lid. Cover it with fabric and glue to the lid with lace, etc. They make great pin cushions and save the work of stuffing and needles and pins don't get lost in the ball as they do in stuffing. Have fun! I also glue a weight of some kind, such as a metal washer to the bottom so the cushion sits better and doesn't tip over.

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If you varied your fabric a little bit, those flowers would make awesome hair barrettes. Not sure on pricing. Unfortunally, stuff like this is usually worth more than you can get for it. You would have to sell it cheap.

Another idea would be to attach it to a thick elastic hair band. Have a display where you have a kids t-shirt hanging up. Gather the t-shirt bottom at the side and attach the hair band with flower. Not sure what to call this. I see girls including my dd do it all the time. I might charge $2 or $3 if you already own the fabric.

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Your flower pins are very pretty. I sell some of them too. I make mine out of felt and also fabric. I sell mine for $3. and some people balk at that. I would sew and glue the pin backs on. I do that on all my fabric pins. I use e6000 glue because I don't like hot glue.

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Yes, I got out the E6000 after I burned my fingers again...and again. I may use a combo. I think I will glue the pin with E6000 and then sew, thanks for the idea.

I'm thinking 4 or 5 dollars. Just folding the petals takes 10 minutes per flower, then there is sewing 10 together, and putting the flower together and the pin on, never mind ironing and cutting the fabric. Each one probably takes 20 minutes or more total.

If they don't sell for that, I'll stop making them and give my inventory as gifts or sell them more cheaply at my next sale to get rid of them.


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I am a big fan of e6000 Have accidently washed some of my handmade brooches in the machine and they held together. Hope this helps. Paula

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thanks Paula, that is good to know.
I wasn't sure about e6000 on fabric, now I know

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Those turned out great I love them .I was reading on yahoo to day about using coffee ground for pin cushions sounds kind o neat.

Pin cushion filler Dried, used coffee grounds are the perfect filler for homemade pin cushions. Just wrap them in some scrap cloth, tie it off with a rubber band and place the cloth in an egg cup or other small container. The grounds will keep your pins from rusting, too.

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