older women and overactive bladder!

nancybee_2010January 31, 2012

Another thing that is aggravating about growing older! Do you have this? I don't even like going on long car trips anymore because of this. And if I go shopping, of course I have to go. It's so inconvenient.

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I don't have overactive bladder, but I certainly can't jump on a trampoline, or do any exercise involving a lot of jumping.

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All right you two - one word - KEGEL. Yes it works. Yes all women, particularly those who have had children and even more, those who had children close together should do them regularly. As in multiple times/day. Done properly, no one can tell. It's not a crunch and it's not a tailbone tuck - it's all internal and invisible. Do them sitting in a chair, standing in line at the grocery store, sitting cross legged on the floor watching tv, while on your back in bed knees bent...... each works the muscles in a slightly different way but all work. Find the position that is easiest for you.

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You can also reduce your caffeine consumption which stimulates the bladder.

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And think of the added benefits of those kegels!!! (wink!)

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I have had this problem my entire life. I remember as a child always having to pee when I was hiding playing hide and seek. If I didn't get to a bathroom immediately, I would have an accident.
I've been doing the darn kegels for years no improvement (in that department at least - wink). I was on the prescription med Ditropan, but had the unpleasant side effect of dry eye, and was unable to wear my contact lenses for a while. Stopped the medication.
I can tell you where every public restroom is in a 30 mile radius of our house. Can't take a long road trip without at least one stop, but it's often 2.
When I have to go, I have to go immediately. So inconvenient. I can't get through grocery shopping without a potty run.
I feel terrible, my 6 year old is the same way. When she's outside playing she comes running in screaming "I gotta go" and I hear her frantically trying to get her pants down so she can go. I feel so bad.

I feel your pain nancybee. It's really annoying.

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Oh, yes, so annoying. I tried doing those exercises years ago and they didn't work for this problem.

I also notice that it is worse at certain times. Not sure if it's at a certain point in my cycle? I cannot tell when my cycle is because I had a partial hysterectomy 5 or 6 years ago. One ovary was left so I do (or did) still have cycles but I cannot tell when they are since I don't get a period!

My 25 year old DD makes fun of me. I pee before we leave the house, we drive to the mall, I pee when we get there. Oh, come on mom, you just peed 15 minutes ago! I tell her to just wait. One day it will be her!

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I use to get up about three times a night to potty, then, had my hysterectomy and all is good now. I had a HUGE fibroid resting on my bladder, had to go all the time!

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Thank you all for the sympathy and advice! After I posted this thread, I was kind of embarrassed that I did, but now I feel better about it, seeing as how I'm definitely not the only one with this very annoying problem!

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Oh yeah, my jumping up and down days are over. I also can't get through a trip to the mall without visiting the ladies room. What a nuisance. There've been times when I had to cut short whatever I was doing to go home and use the bathroom when none was available. One time I was in Newport RI and could not find a place to park near a public restroom. Finally in desperation I found a private parking lot, got a big beach towel out of a bag and let loose while sitting in the car!! I swear I am going to start traveling with adult diapers in the car for occasions like that.

Men are a lot luckier in being able to take a whiz if they can find a private outdoor spot. LOL.

All my same-age friends are the same way. We laugh about it -- but not too hard. ;)

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I don't have one but they advertise a medicine for it all the time on tv. Have you told your doctor about it?

Kegels only help keep from leaking, but having a full bladder is another story. If my glucose level gets out of the normal range I have to practically run to the bathroom at night . lol.

I'd check online and see about the meds.

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I guess if my problem were more than just an inconvenience, I'd consider medication, but I'm not to that point and I really don't like taking medicine any more than I am forced to do. Nice to know it's out there, though.

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"All right you two - one word - KEGEL. Yes it works. "

I'll second that. I started having problems holding it around the time I developed hormone problems and when I had to go, I had to go NOW and many times I felt like I wasn't going to make it in time. Sneezing was the worst and since I get allergies I used to dread having a sneezing fit when someone else was around or worse if I was in public! I've done kegels for about 5 months now and I can now hold it if I need to for ages, and I don't have to worry about sneezing anymore.

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I forget to do the kegels...guess I need to remember to do it. My problem is not so much an overactive bladder as sudden urge. If I don't find a toilet the SECOND I feel the urge, I will have an accident.

It's really bad for me when I'm out in the field, and there are no toilets anywhere. If I'm alone, I can go in the bushes, but when I'm in a group (always with men for some reason) I'm stuck. So I have to plan my day....find a pit stop or two before meeting, and make absolutely sure I have nothing to drink at least 2 hrs before.

I have taken to using pads, but they're only good for leaks. I need to find a female urinal!

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There are various medications available now for incontinence, all are by prescription only. They can have side effects, but you don't know until you try them, but they can make life much more pleasant. As the ads say, Ask your doctor if XX is right for you!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Pesky, my mil ha been known to give me some crazy Christmas gifts, and one year, she gave me the traveling women's version of a urinal. Dh got the men's version.
She knew we took car trips often and thought we might get stuck someday..

I'm trying to remember if that was the year she gave me a toilet brush too....

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I always have to pee! Been that way since I was a kid. Got worse when I was pregnant. Its like a joke in my family that's not really all that funny.

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I don't comment often but had to chime in here! I too have bladder issues and it's so frustrating! I found out about a product...haven't ordered it yet, but need to...ladies it's called P-mate I think. It lets you "go" like a guy..especially if you're out in the woods etc..kinda gross but kinda convenient all at the same time! I even saw somewhere somebody talked about a certain kind of funnel you get at the auto parts store...the top of it is angled for whatever reason..but this person said it would fit against the body well! I live near i-10 and it's famous for being shut down for HOURS because of wrecks/construction. I avoid it as much as possible but my fear is getting caught in that...so now I gotta figure out the inside the car peeing/urinal thing! Bumblebeez can you tell us more????

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Someone told me Go-Girls work well. I've never tried it. I wonder how it would work in the car with a jar? I've heard of guys using old coffee cups when stuck in traffic for hours and hours. Hmmm.

This thing looks like you'd still have to stand up, so it may not help us ladies when stuck in the car.

My ExH flew a private plane and I would go along. My biggest issue was being able to pee in a two-seater plane. Well, there was no way, no matter how well you know each other. There just wasn't room to position your self (sorry if it's TMI). I'd be running to the ladies the moment we landed and also was sure to go right before boarding. I was young then. Guess I'd be wearing Depends now.

Here is a link that might be useful: Go Girl

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My worse "Pee story"- we were traveling in Italy and got on a bus to go somewhere, it was either 2 or 3 hours away. I assumed the bus had a bathroom (like greyhound buses). Well, it didn't. It was pure he*l. Then when we got there, I ran to the bathroom at the bus station, and there was a guy there taking money. Of course, I didn't have any, and had to run back and get some from my husband.

Thanks for sharing your stories everyone!

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I should have mentioned that I had to go when I got on the bus.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Imsoconfused, I don't remember exactly what it looked like, I threw it out unfortunately, but if I recall, it was a slanted funnel that had an enclosed pitcher for the urine. It probably would indeed be handy if for some people.

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Polly, do you or your DD get frequent UTIs?

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I've had 5 kids~~I pee when I laugh, sneeze, jump, run,(and sex, when I *had* it!)and sometimes just for the hell of it. Needless to say I can't stay with exercise for any length of time since that could result in a puddle on the floor. I've thought of asking my doc about one of the advertized meds, but all the side effects sound horrendous.

So ok, now that i've overdosed y'all with TMI, does anyone have experience with the sling~~know of anyone who has had it? I'm getting desperate for something.

Faron, I hope you're not reading this!!! ;o)lol lol

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Anele, although I've had a few UTI's in my life, I wouldn't say I have them frequently. The first I had after a major surgery at 19, I had to have a foley catheter b/c I couldn't pee for 24 hours, and they put one in. I had a few more after that, but I have not had one in years.
DD had 1 UTI, after she started full day school (daycare) and used the bathroom and had to clean herself unassisted at age 4. That UTI progressed to a kidney infection and she was hospitalized for IV antibiotics. She has not had one since.

Curious as to why you ask.

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patty_cakes - While I don't have the sling myself, my job involves reading patient's medical records and it's a fairly common surgery. I'd definitely talk to your doctor about it.

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patty_cakes ... I had that surgery plus other major pelvic surgeries (Johns Hopkins). Gave me a new life. I only had one child (9# preemie) but I have a hereditary connective tissue disorder.

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Polly, I know you are in the medical field so you probably explored all of this, but I was wondering if you and your DD had 'Vesicoureteral reflux.' My friend's DD has/had this. Other than often having the urge to 'go,' she also got many UTIs. It can be genetic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vesicoureteral reflux

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I thought that might be why.

I know DD definitely does not have reflux. She had a kidney sono after the pyelonephritis to make sure there was no scar tissue or enlargement of the collecting system. Thank goodness all was fine.
As for myself.....I think it's just a weak small bladder. I will live with it forever.

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Polly, I had the sling type bladder lift over 10 years ago after 6 pregnancies, I too couldn't jump, run or exercise without leaks. The surgery was a success and I still have no problems. One of the best things I've ever done.

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Alright, since we're sharing. I have issues with sneezing and laughing. Usually the laughing is only when I already have to go (like I've been holding it for a while) or if I've had a couple of drinks, for some reason. Last year we were on vacation and DH and I went to the hotel bar by the beach. Had a couple of drinks and people-watched. When we got ready to walk back to the room I kinda had to pee, but figured I'd wait til we got to the room. During our leisurely and romantic walk along the beach to the room, my very funny DH got me laughing so hard that I TOTALLY wet my pants. Um, I mean my dress. Had to walk into the hotel room sideways/backwards so my teenage son didn't notice.

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Oh my, I'm sorry sueb, but your story made me laugh. I can just imagine you slinking along the walls of the hotel & trying to act natural.

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hh -- fortunately our room was accessible from outside, so I didn't have to walk thru the hotel to get there! Even DH didn't know the extent of the issue until we got to the room and I scooted sideways into the bathroom.

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I don't have the "leaking" issue. I just have to pee all the time!!

I went to Marshalls this morning to look for throw pillows for my living room. When I first got there I used the rest room. DIdn't find pillows, but bought a cute dress for my date night tonight with DH. Went to the checkout line, and guess what? Had to go again!! I barely made it home, b/c I didn't want to drag my 2 year old DS back to the public restroom again. I was in the store for 1 hour.

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polly, I feel your pain. I always have to go when shopping. Especially hate it at malls- sometimes it's a long way! I also always want to have an end seat on a plane, at a concert or sports so I don't have to crawl past strangers repeatedly.

I heard there's an i phone app called I have to pee- it will give you the location of the nearest bathroom.

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