update on 2 craft shows

mariendNovember 1, 2008

Did post on KT earlier, but just went to another craft show. Nothing special this year, but I noticed a couple of things. Some people seem to be in a hurry and just taking wooden shapes and just painting them and some or real cute, and several took spring type forms and just wrapped glitter rope/ribbon etc and stuck a head on, painted it. To me it looked like hurry up, I have to do something etc.

The one thing new was so simple. Took a two sided potholder (the kind you put your hand inside), sewed it up to where the cloth stops, put a pad (long) on one side and pencil on the other. But they wanted almost 8.00 for them but I think the potholders are not cheap. The sewing line was just far enough in to hold the pencil with more room for the pad of paper.

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Thanks for the report! I see lotys of people buying things from Oriental Express - adding a dab of paint and calling it hand crafted... Sad... The other item sounds interesting!

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