LG Door in Door Fridges- LSFD2591ST

DCJerseyDecember 27, 2012

As part of my kitchen remodel I have been looking at counter depth french door fridges. I pretty much made up my mind on the LG LFX25991ST given its good ratings and the fact that it appears to have one of the largest, if not the largest, capacities for a french door counter depth fridge. However, I was looking at the LG website this evening and noticed a new model, the LSFD2591ST. This fridge appears to be almost identical to the LFX25991ST except that it offers the door in door feature where you can access the door shelves on one door by opening a smaller door rather than the entire fridge door.

Details can be found here: http://www.lg.com/us/refrigerators/lg-LSFD2591ST-french-3-door-refrigerator

I have two questions:

1) Is the door in door feature actually useful or is it more of a gimmick that will just make the fridge more expensive but not actually serve a real purpose?

2) Does anyone know if the LSFD2591ST is on sale yet and how much it costs? The store locator on the LG website says it will be on sale in my area soon. I checked AJ Madison and ran a google search and cannot find it for sale anywhere.

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They have a 31 cu ft standard depth version I saw on display a few months ago. It is an interesting convect. Able to get at frequently used items without having the full door open. But I'm not a fan of LGs water dispenser as a ffriend's LG has issues with dripping water on their floor.

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I briefly considered the full depth one. However, the right hand door (the one with the DID) doesn't swing open as far as on their other models. Too much in the way (of me, and of the crisper drawer), so I canned the idea.

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The 31cu ft LG with door in door is available at Home Depot in Virginia. It was listed at $3499 and is currently on sale for $3149. However,,,,,,, it was on a much bigger sale back in November (if I remember correctly it was $800 off). The salesman told me to check back in Feb as the appliances go on deep sale again then too. I was not ready to buy at that time. Also, you can purchase from HD and set delivery out as far as 90 days. Can be helpful when trying to catch sales but not yet ready to install.

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GE had that door in a door thing years ago. CR stated that the design was an energy hog.

IIRC, the ice maker on the LG is inside the left door, making it rather heavy to move. Using the ice maker pretty much doubles the energy usage since it is not used during EnergyStar certification.

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weemeister, even though the ice maker isn't making ice during the Energy Star tests, the ice container/compartment/etc. is required to be kept at a temperature that keeps ice from melting. I believe that it may have been this factor that resulted in LG loosing Energy Star certification on a number of models, having to pay consumers for extra energy cost, etc. Basically, they cheated on the test.

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DCJersey, I, too, have been watching this fridge and counted on buying it for your reasons stated. However, when you open up its link at AJM it now shows "discontinued." This notice turned up earlier this week. I was much disheartened, as I don't have my new layout finalized.

I think if you want this fridge, jump now. You are right. It has excellent reviews. Newer is not always better. BTW, they also make this fridge under the Kenmore label.

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Just checked and it no longer says "discontinued," but has been changed to "out of stock." Blast it. I don't care for any of the others. Time to check Sears. :-)

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We have had the LG25991ST since August or September. We are a family of 5 with 3 teens, I cook from scratch, shop once or twice a week. It may be crammed once in a while, but it has tons of storage; plenty for us. We do have a very small chest freezer in the basement because I do buy in bulk. It really is a well thought out fridge. We gained floorspace when we got rid of our old SBS, this stores the same or more in less space, with more visibility.

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Thanks, Sandra. It looks like a wonderfully designed fridge. Best on the market in CD, in my opinion. LG's site still shows it active but at least two online places are cutting the price.

I can't use the fridge yet -- reno not even started -- but I think tomorrow or next weekend, I am going to Sears to haggle on one, and just leave it sitting in the dining room rather than risk losing out on it. I love it has storage along the icemaker, and no big honking ice-maker in the upper left corner. And that door in door thing? It will just make it easier for me to grab the mustard. Yeah. That's it.

DCJersey, what are you going to do?

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I just decided to go with the LFX25991ST (the non door in door model). I figured the door in door feature was a bit gimmicky and wouldn't get that much use in my house. I was also never able to find the door in door on sale anywhere but I did find a great price on the other model (under 3000 with free shipping). It arrived the other day, but our remodel doesn't start for another month so it's sitting in the dining room right now.

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Just to let you know, the GE counter depth that I've been waiting for is now listed on line, but no one has it on display yet. Though it has the same features of the larger standard depth model. Its also a bit less in price than the LG counter depth.

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.ajmadison.com/cgi-bin/ajmadison/PYE23PSDSS.html

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