Wolf DF or AG?

terrinmDecember 4, 2012

We are doing a 48" Wolf range but I'm confused about whether to do AG or DF. I don't cook much right now, but this is our forever home with retirement hopefully sometime in the next 6-8 years and I'll relearn how to cook then. So I'd like your experiences and thoughts between the two. What do you have and would you do it again? A local appliance store (not Wolf dealer tho) told DH the only reason there was DF was because the convection was so much better than AG, but that has not the case now in newer ranges.

Help :)

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I've owned a DF range for the past 10 yrs. & need to replace it because of costly electronic problems that are no longer covered under the warranty.
My range is a Dacor, which I've discovered is notorious for having these issues. I was going to go with another DF in another brand but my research is leading me to think that it's a problem with DF ranges in general.

If I go with a gas range it will probably be AG, just because I'm so wary about getting saddled with another very costly unreliable appliance. Like I said, this is based on my experience (once bitten - twice shy) and feedback I've received from this and other appliance forums.

One sticky issue for me is that I'm the designated baker for our extended family. Having an oven that heats evenly is a feature that's high on my list of wants. I'm currently waging a war in my head about whether I should choose induction over gas and having an electric oven is a main reason.

I'll be keeping an eye on responses to your post. I'm trying to keep an open mind to all options before I place my order.

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There is a world of difference in dual fuel ovens. I had a Dacor range and oven-Discovery models and the programs in the electronics were terrible. Neither oven could hold a temperature and I was treated like a red headed step child by the corporate customer service. They bought them back and I now have an Electrolux wall oven and Wolf 36 inch DF range and they work perfectly. I have had them about 4 years. I often bake for parties and large groups so need an oven I can load and will bake evenly. They also both have excellent customer service. I feel like these products were both well tested before they were brought to market---Some are not.

This is a thread about Wolf DF vs AG. This person had the advantage of an additional steam oven.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pros/Cons of AG vs DF Wolf

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Although I have a DCS AG I will give MHO. After using an electric oven for years I was concerned about going AG. I decided to do it and I am very pleased. All baking I have done is fine, I do cookies and few other things with the convection fan. Roasting is better in the AG, more moist. The infrared broil is great.

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wekick thank you for that link. I looked back at past posts and did a search before posting this and missed this one, so thank you. I'm definitely going with Wolf and will also have a steam oven so this was great info.

eandhl, glad to hear you like the infrared broil. hadn't given the broil much thought before this.

Thanks everyone!

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Posted by eandhl
Roasting is better in the AG, more moist.

If you are comparing gas to electric heat, without convection, gas heat would be better for roasting but it is because it is drier heat. This makes the outside crispy. Even though there is water released as a byproduct of combustion, gas ovens are vented more than electric ovens so that moisture is lost. External moisture does not keep meat moist while roasting anyway. The amount of moisture held by the proteins in a piece of meat is determined by the internal temperature of the meat and the length of time it is held at that temperature. Convection in an electric oven has a very drying effect as well and makes great roasts too.

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I retired in 2005 and remodeled my kitchen after I retired, with the retired (= more cooking) life style in mind. And that is what has happened. I budgeted for the 30-inch Wolf DF, and have never regretted this decision. It cooks like a dream and the DF features in the oven consistently result in fabulous food...whether it's roasting, baking, everything is just beautiful and so very delicious. If I were ever to leave this kitchen, I'd buy again a Wolf, and would again go the DF route.

And, I've never had a speck of trouble with my Wolf (or SZ fridge). I did have some questions about cleaning or operating, and the staff at Wolf/SZ were so helpful and responsive in answering my questions.

I truly doubt you will regret your Wolf DF decision, if you really do enjoy cooking.

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I have AG Wolf (36 in) for 8 years and am very, very happy with its baking. People rave about it (the results of the baking.) And I'm happy not to have to worry about electronics boards.
And finally getting around to learning how to broil--wow! No more need for Red Robin burgers for us!

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