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adichristiNovember 18, 2008

DD is making a nature frame for her BF and she wants to glue real leafs to the frame that she collected from their nature trail. What kind should she be using? Thanks...

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I am not sure real leaves will stick and last. You might have to spray with clear varnish, etc first. I think as the leaves dry, they will crumble. I the fit inside the frame, she might try a spray on glue, making sure the entire back is covered, but again, once they dry, they will crumble.
There is a flower preservtive and sold by craft shows, but even then they don't last very long. I would suggest the plastic ones from Walmart, craft stores etc.

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Try putting the real leaves under the glass,maybe decoupage a photo of the two of them together, with leaves and beads or small things from the nature walk.

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I've boughten preserved leaves in the past, they used glycerin, it works well on ferns & I think maple leaves . They are pliable & keep for several yrs. I would go with pods, nuts or acorns twigs tiny pinecones or cut larger ones in to flat rosettes. These can be glued to wood or plastic frame with regular Elmer's glue or with hot glue gun. That would last long time. Leaves will get dusty & break, could get some good looking ones in silk, wouldn't need but 1 stem of them to use & place these leaves on frame & finish with the other items. Some silk stems of leaves are very real looking! Jan

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