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sjarzNovember 18, 2007

I am going to a big two day show this weekend, it's in the town I used to live in, 3 hours north of where I live now. I have to take everything on the bus, and I'm over full in my two alloted suitcases, I'm pretty sure.

So please, all, could you not post any more wonderful ideas, beautifully painted items, or unique and new things seen at shows until next week - otherwise I'm gonna a) not get any sleep this week and b) have to pay overweight luggage fare!


Suzan J

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You got the Forum Crafting & Decorating bug don't you Susan, LOL. Have a great time at your show and hope you'll report back about all the goodies you see.


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Now now Susan, you know you don't REALLY mean that! LOL The "to do" list does tend to get longer and longer, doesn't it? Good luck at your show, we'll be eager to hear all about it. Luvs

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