What's with the GW love affair with AJ Madison?

Kitten1313December 21, 2012

:) Not judging, just curious.

I received our quote for our kitchen and laundry room remodel, as well as 2 separate quotes for appliances. We will end up writing the check directly to whichever appliance distributor we choose, so I am really price shopping.

Seems like a lot of you really like AJ Madison. Can you tell me a little bit about it?

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I don't have a love affair with AJM but I do have a trist once in a while with their website.

It is great for researching. For arranging and rearranging data by various criteria. Much better than Best Buy,Sears, ABT or anybody else out there.

If they had matched the low price on something I was looking at I would have bought from them because I really liked researching on their site.

But they were always a little or a lot high.

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We used them in a huge pinch - our appliance guy was MIA and prices were going up. He did get in touch with me at the very.last.second but we only ordered things AJ Madison didn't have. I called, on the phone, and they found a $500 off coupon that I could use, plus answered my questions. Everything was delivered in perfect shape and was much better, price wise, than our local store.

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Well, I, for instance, live in a smallish town where the only appliance dealers are the Orange store, the Blue store, and a local dealer who doesn't even carry cooktops because "only builders and contractors buy things like that."

I don't know that I would buy from ajmadison, but for sure it's a much better place to find out what's available than any place near me.

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I don't know what they're like to do business with, but I agree with Deeageaux about their site's usefulness. When researching appliances, Google often comes up with AJM as a top option for the information I need. I've been able to find links to literature on their site that tells me more than what I can find on a manufacturer's site.

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Fori is not pleased

Yup. Their website is great. Never even considered purchasing from them. I feel a little guilty now.

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I like that they usually have new items first. When GE said they'd launch their new 5 cu.ft. top loaders in December, AJ had them available two or three weeks earlier. That's what I like about them.

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good to know. I've been doing my research there too, but I wasn't sure if people were actually buying from them. Thanks!

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When I google ajmadison complaints, several sites pop up. BBB has 144 complaints in past 3yrs, but they have a grade of A! Pissedconsumer.com has reports of 30-40% restocking fees and delivery issues. Yelp has reports of refund delays, poor customer svc, restocking fee 30%, one customer is still waiting on back order going on 9 weeks. Resellerratings.com has reports of shipping delays and customer svc issues. AJ does have positive reviews. Hope this helps, good luck with your purchases!

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Like their website a lot for research and price comparison. Had a negative experience with a clueless salesperson when I went in their store, so I won't buy from them.

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Fori is not pleased

Oh--it's not just GW that loves their web site. My local appliance store uses their website instead of looking things up in the manufacturer's book. Now that's pretty bad!

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fori - lol!

jcm - interesting!

I wasn't actually aware there *was* a love affair going on here with AJM? Personally, as far as mail-order places go, I love Abt. Perhaps it could be said I have a love-affair going with them. They are, in-town, a "real" brick/mortar store. Their sales reps, reachable by phone, are incredibly helpful, as I am told they are in person. They are quick; have all the stuff. Are big-enough, like AJM, that you have recourse to an objective ear to adjudicate complaints with a sales rep or behaviour if necessary. They price-match; they research and call you back; they keep your needs in mind. They go to bat for you re warrantee issues.

Yup, I'm in love with Abt.

AJM - feel like and sound like kinda sharks to me. Sharks I could deal with if necessary, unlike some who feel like clear-cut crooks. But there are others in that category - dealable-with-sharks out there I prefer. As a courtesy, I stay away from using their site for research! But I get why others do.

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