Anyone else having this problem?

spf5209December 4, 2011

After having what seemed like a reasonable cushion to close and convert the construction loan, the problems keep mounting creating great anxiety over finishing and costing us money (like an extra month's rent). What is really frustrating is we used the great experience and information on this site to stay ahead of the curve, insure our decisions didn't hold anything up, double/triple check to the point of irritating builder. Now, close date has been pushed back because: range hood selected six weeks ago is now backordered with extra charge to rush delivery (which builder is paying); carpet selected 8 weeks ago is back-ordered. The best one is when builder went to pick up appliances last week, Bosch oven selected in April is not there, will take two weeks to get another.

Builder says this is the new reality: no one from distributor on up are keeping items in stock, only building/ordering when ordered. Any one else having this problem or are we just lucky?

It's not even noon on Sunday and I'm ready to start drinking!

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It is interesting that your builder is so aware of these problems but has not found a way to avoid them.

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R8 - While not perfect, our builder has worked hard to get us the house we want, been honest about problems, and has fixed them. I don't know how he could have avoided the oven problem. They told him the order was complete and ready and they were wrong and now it will take more time to get that model. He said he is still working with them on making them fix it by getting it here sooner. Don't know what else he could have done.

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Sounds more like an oversight than a systemic ordering pattern.

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SPF - Carrying less inventory is one way to stay in business in lean times. It runs all the way up to the factory.

Can you get a cheap used oven for now and the one of your dreams later? And go with bare floor for closing?

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lazygrdens - Carrying less inventory - yes I have noticed - The house we have just moved into and noticed that the Vicking Range does not have a broiling pan.
I want to get a large one and saw one at Crates & Barrel that would work - it's on back order till Feb. - really!

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lazy - thanks for the thoughts. The carpet is now in and the oven is scheduled for the 14th, so we should still make it before Christmas, but barely.

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