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countryliving5December 19, 2013

My husband and I are revisiting the idea of building after spending the last year trying to find that perfect house on the market and feeling they all come up a little short. We would be building in a rural community on family farm land. We found this plan and it seems to have everything we are looking for, but would love some feedback to see if we are overlooking anything This is the plan http://www.eplans.com/house-plans/epl/hwepl12495.html?from=search Thanks in advance for your time!

Here is a link that might be useful: house plan

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It's a pretty home, with nice use of space.

Which way does the house face? Is the land level? Since you're on a farm, you might look at a plan with a side entry garage, rather than have the garage be the focal point of the house.

Bedroom #2 has such a tiny window - unless it's a guest room or office, I'd be tempted to re-work the front elevation, and rob some space from BR4 to get a bigger window in there.

The kitchen needs work. Without dimensions, it's hard to tell, but it doesn't look like the island is nearly big enough to support the cooktop plus seating. And venting a range hood over an island can make a dramatic statement, but is also an expensive project. If you post on the Kitchens forum, you'll get lots of great suggestions!

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I agree about a front entry garage when it sounds like you have land that will allow a side entry. This is especially true with a 3 car front garage that takes up almost half of the front elevation.

I think the windows are okay for secondary bedrooms, although br2 it is jammed up against a wall where you will not have great views unless you are near the wall.

Looking at the elevations there is not much you can do about windows b/c of symmetry and roof lines. BR3 closet doors that swing in are not very practical and with the window only gives one bed location unless using a twin bed.

The master bathroom layout is just funky with the angles and wastes a lot of space. Have the door swing to the shower and square up the walls to increase the closest size and avoid oddly angled walls.

I'm not a fan of cooktop on the island either. Windows although nice seem to take away from upper cabinet storage. I would rather have a sink in the island and cooktop against an exterior wall for venting. You can post on houzz.com too and get a lot of feedback from actual designers.


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It certainly has possibilities! Do you have children who will be living there, too?

Just off hand, the plan mentions the "formal dining room" as a special feature, but it's pretty small--smaller than the everyday eating area. Would you use it as a formal dining room or as a den-type area?

I kind of like the location of the powder room, except that from the DR and breakfast room you could watch people go in an out.I think I might create a little hallway from the mudroom to the basement stairs, and put the powder and closet off of that. (The closet would replace the desk.) It also keeps people from always walking through the kitchen, and makes it a little easier to haul stuff to the basement since it's a straight line.

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If you are planning on using the dining room as that (rather than a den), I would find that too far away from the kitchen. For me, it would be too much back & forth.....

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