Mini Twig Reindeer

kudzukweenNovember 13, 2008

Try these from green twigs or newly fallen twigs. I used my pruning sheers to make clean cuts. Cut one piece for a body, and a shorter one for a head. Cut a thinner piece into 4 legs, and short piece for the neck. And cut 2 twigs with small branches for your antlers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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they are adorable!!! Did you drill holes to attach the legs, neck and antlers?

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Oh, I should have mentioned that here...I'm sorry! Yes, I used a tiny drill bit for the antlers, and a larger one for the legs and neck twigs. The reason I used green twigs is so it would be easier to drill. The dry ones crumbled. I also used glue in the drilled holes to make sure it didn't collapse.
Thank you Donna!

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kudzukween, what size did you cut the twigs for the head and body? Thank you.

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How cute and what nice photos thanks

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Those are awesome. What a great job you did on those. Thanks for taking the time to share your project.

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Kudz. I would make some of these, but son does not let me near his tools..LOL and for sure his drills and such.. only , kidding, but I know I would have to go buy my own tools as he uses his in his work and there sure is no prying them loose from him.. but they sure are cute little critters..You do such good work.. love seeing all that you make.

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hey Donnas! The sizes are listed on my blog. Thanks Huggy, I have my own tools,LOL! This drill and extra battery used to be his, but he only used it a few times and gave it to me because I needed it more than he did :D Santa needs to bring me a new set, the batteries don't stay charged up like they used to. DH bought me a few different bit sets for it, I use them all the time. I use a drill,a jig saw, and a sander a lot. Jewelers tools. And I use bolt cutters a lot,too. He bought me a big rolling cart tool box,too. Once a grown up cut these out and drilled the holes,this would be a great craft for a child.
Thanks Ya'll!

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Hey kudzukween have you made these in the larger form, made one years ago hollowed out some of the center log and put in some fake flowers and pine, looked cute setting on my back porch, storage was a problem so i gave it to my dd dont know what ever happened to it.
Thanks agine for all that you share and takeing the time to share all the info you do!
will have to make some of these cutties with the gks.

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Hey Oddie! My Husband made me some years and years ago, when we were still using wood heat. But he burned up a drill just to make them. We saved them for a while, but you know,eventually wood rots :D I had grapevine wreaths on them ( 3 of them) and we ran an extension cord out, and puddles white twinkly lights all around the ground in a circle around them. We had so many people stop to enjoy them, we were really surprised. People all around would drive over to show their kids and grandkids.

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