Gag gifts ... what a hoot !!! Got any to share?

toomuchglassNovember 4, 2006

Doesn't someone here make gag gifts to sell ? There was a booth at the craft show today that just sold stuff like that. I couldn't get close enough to see much because everyone was reading things and laughing . I saw 2 that I died laughing at ... "Natural Bubble bath" - a bag of dried navy beans . Instructions - soak beans ,cook and eat.

When you get in the tub you'll see lots of natural bubbles. ( LOL ) The other one I saw was a cookie cutter in a bag - label says "Make your own Damn cookies" ... I wish I could have seen more. Do you have any clever ones that you've seen ?

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I haven't made any personally, but I do know a site or two.

Here's one: Granny's Gag Gifts.

I'll have to dig through my bookmarks to see if I can find more. I have a web save of a similar post here in 2000, but I think the original is long gone.

Have fun!


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I sell some gag gifts all year round at a place here in Canada
called the General Store. I have some on my website.
There is still a recap of the big list on the holiday forum
which I think is the one that Allison mentioned.

Here is a link that might be useful: Holiday Forum Post

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Thanks for the link to the old gag gifts in the holiday forum - brings back memories... Lets see... I still make the Tampon Angels, the Exotic rubber plants, MP Slippers and I've added, Weiner Washers (just had to make 20 more last night) Willy Warmers, Just Blow Whistle (a senior citizen alarm), PPTPs, Redneck Palm Pilot, Redneck Earrings... I'll post these on my webshots account (grandmabonnie55) later today - I have a Sunday Farmer's Market this afternoon.

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I saw a really cute gag type gift last year. It said it was for the woman who had everything. It was a faux fur apron for cooking. It had a fancy rhinestone pin up at the top for decoration.

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toomuchglass I have a really cute one, I need to find the can so I can scan it for you, it is a bad gag gift, When we had a cyber sister's meeting only 2 of us got them. I thought it was so cute. I will look for it tonight or monday and I will post it on my new site, I will make a gag gift forum for it, You will crack up it's really funny. I can tell you , you will need a skaol can. that's all I will tell you....

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I did the batteries in a bag and then put Gift Not Included on the top.

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Check out ''
Tin cans with funny labels on them!
Look for 'Granny's Hugs and Kisses'

Here is a link that might be useful: Give Someone a Laugh, Today!

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