Did you ever watch the show HOARDERS ?

toomuchglassNovember 16, 2010

I know all of us here have our precious stashes ! A couple episodes ago ,they were trying to get a hoarder ,who was an artist, to clean up her house. I caught one comment that the professional organizer said - & it cracked me up .

He said

" Artists are the hardest people to get to throw things away . They see a FUTURE PROJECT in everything that we can't see ".

Even my DH agreed with that ! LOL

I've really started to watch my hoarding - I mean collecting . If I let myself go -- I could be on that show next !!! LOLOLL

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Iv'e seen that show a couple of times.and actually felt kinda sorry for the folks!! I know it can creat all sorts of hazards, fire and health to start the list, but I can't imagine how they must feel by having THEIR world thrown in the trash. And I agree I myself have to step back and take a look at all the FUTURE projects I have and clean up my act every once in a while

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There's two different shows.. I think one's called Hoarding- Buried Alive and the other one is Hoarders, I'm not sure of the exact names. I've watched both and one is more uplifting than the other. They show the progress the person makes and I always clap at the end! haha! The other one it seems they always 'mistakenly' throw away the person's stuff, and they usually stuff everything in garbage bags and throw it in the garage, so it feels like there was no real progress or lessons learned.

I didn't see the one about the artist, I bet it's DVR'd and waiting for me!

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My kids threaten to bring in a "dumpster" ! My "stuff" is only in the basement and it is GOOD stuff. I warn them that some of that "stuff" is approaching antique and is worth a few bucks. Don't throw until you appraise!I have noticed that when they need a particuliar item for a project or a school play or Holloween, they know Mom just might have it, stored in a box and labeled!

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I know a lot of artists, and yes, some of them keep everything - but I find that they are the ones who never really do anything. They think, they plan, they hoard all the stuff - but that is ALL they do. Myself, if I am unorganized, I can't create either. I don't mean everything has to be ultra clean, what I mean is that I can't create in an atmosphere of excessive clutter and chaos. It's too distracting.

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