Hidden treasure bottles???

jazzieNovember 28, 2005

At one time these where posted on the board. You drop all kinds of little trinkets in a bottle and then filled the bottle with something.. Like rice maybe?? Then you put the list on the bottle and people try to find all the hidden things.. What did you fill the bottle with??? TIA

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Here are instructions that I found on the net.

Remove the label from a clean, clear plastic soda bottle. Then gather a bunch of trinkets, such as beads, buttons, charms or plastic insects, and put them in the bottle. Add uncooked rice to fill the bottle two thirds of the way, then tightly screw on the cap.

Shake well to conceal the objects. Now your child can twist and turn her toy to see how many treasures he or she can spot inside.

Note: Objects such as coins and pebbles tend to gravitate into the middle, while lightweight plastic beads, buttons and trinkets are easier to spot.

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I got one of these in a swap once. It was filled with birdseed and trinkets. Very cute.

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The ones I made I filled with bird seed and gave them as gifts a few years ago. The remainder of the bird seed I just used up today to make the birdseed wreaths.

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Jazzie we also did the Santa Shakers and there must be a thread going back some on it. I think Evelyn had a few too.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I founf the directions for the shakers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Cheer Shakers -

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It adds to the fun if you keep a list of the trinkets you put in the bottle, then write a little poem about each one. That way the recipient can try to find each object.

When I was making them, I discovered (as mentioned above) that some objects were too heavy and never surfaced. So befor you seal your bottle, give it a try and be sure each trinket comes to the top at some time.

One thing I tried to add to each one was the person's name. I glued alphabet beads together to spell the name.

You can find lots of little plastic objects at a dollar store. Just be sure they are small enough to fit in the neck of the bottle.

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