So How Was the Weekend?

creepfanNovember 16, 2008

I didn't have a show this weekend, but did end up getting a chance to set up at my daughter's school this week along side the book fair. I just emailed her principal, told her that I'm a crafter and offered to set up and give the PTA 20% of sales. She emailed me back a day later and said she would love to have us set up! I'll be the only crafter there, along side of a book fair, bake sale and a story teller for the kids. It only runs for a few hours on Thursday evening, but who knows where it will lead. I'm very excited!! Wish me luck! I hope everyone did great this weekend at their shows!! Chime in... how did you do?

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I didn't have one this weekend either (nice break), but still basking in the glow of last weekend's show. We went on vacation last Sunday so I wasn't on here to give my report. It was another successful day with $920 in sales, I paid $70 for the space. I also like to hear other reports. Good luck with your book fair show - what a neat idea - ingenious of you!

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Thanks Arlene! Wow, it would be really nice to have a craft show with $920 in sales! I was excited to make $200! LOL

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I did the Lakota East High School (Ohio) show this weekend for the first time & it was GREAT!!!! I sold almost $2000. I would have been happy with $1000, so I was pleasantly surprised. All the crafters (all 240 of them!) were top knotch. It was packed with customers & the organisers were very nice & helpful. I will definately keep this one on the list for next year!

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WOOOOW That's great! I'm so happy for you! I have never had a craft show where I've sold over $300. I can't imagine selling $1000 let alone $2000! Good for you!

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Sounds like crafts shows are booming! I had three things last week-end and almost made $900 total - I sold 100 potato bags! ...and then I got orders for more when ZI got home. I have to crafters markets and an exclusive one on Sunday - I don't know what to expect on Sunday but the rent is cool - 10% of our sales to the library. It is still in the 80s her in CA - hoping for no rain for another three week-ends - it can rain all week, just not especially November 30th when I attend a huge street fair.

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Good luck Grandma Bonnie. I hope you sell another 100 bags! :)

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