Bluestar/Garland ir broiler adjustment

sefullerDecember 21, 2013

I posted recently about a Garland RPB30 project that I recently purchased. After working on it for the last three weeks, I got it connected and operating today and have everything adjusted to where it performs well with the exception of the ir broiler. I converted this range from lp to natural, which required drilling the orifice for the broiler out to a size 50 (according to Adco). The broiler ignites, but never gets red, and will run for at least 5 minutes (the longest I have run it so far) without cycling. There is a "mat" of blue flame covering the surface which extends down 3/4 - 1 inch from the ceramic surface. I don't believe there is an air shutter on the tube for the broiler, so I am wondering what steps I could take to remedy this?
Thanks for any suggestions!

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The service manual talks in terms of the various adjustments on the broiler. I'd suggest looking at it. That said, I have no idea about the vagaries of converting to NG from LPG. Good luck.

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Where could I find a service manual? The manual that came with the range addresses adjustment of the open burners and oven burner, but not the broiler. Is there a forum more suited to asking repair related questions?


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