Recycle A Necktie-Sweet Angel

kudzukweenNovember 22, 2008

I posted this on Trash to Treasure,too!

Here is something that was posted about a year ago, and I searched for it but couldn't find the post. Let me know who posted it :D I finally got around to making some. I tried the wide end and the narrow end of the tie. Both are cute! I made them with what I had on hand, I think ya'll can do better with the wooden head! LOL

Photos and link on my blog!


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Darn!!......I've got to get used to having a blog, and adding the link *blush* So sorry about that, ya'll!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Beautiful! cant seem to find any used neck ties around me to steal, have to check out the TS stores, to cold for yard sales now.
TFS all you do!

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Thanks Oddie :D I remember when the thrift stores would GIVE you the ties for free! But these days everyone is so crafty and really, not many people wear ties anymore. I see some every now and then on, but kinda expensive if you ask me. I may have to just break down and spend the money for some. I found a site the other day that mentioned a blog that is all about recycling ties.....just ties! Wow, I saw some things I wanna make. A really cool lampshade, wallets, business card holders,purses,skirts,dresses.........

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gosh who new there was so many ideas for ties, and why us crafters dont throw anything out! my dmil doesnt even give me a strange look anymore when I ask for something she would throw out, she just says yes you can have it.
TFS all you do, you sure keep this fourm rocking!
happy crafting

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