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IowacommuteDecember 3, 2012

I would like to know why the UK (and it seems the rest of the world for that matter) has more choices in appliances than the US? In particular I am looking at an under counter double oven. I can only find one for the US (GE 120V), but there are tons for the UK including several Smegs, Boschs, and Siemens.

So can these appliances be used here? Is there something electrical that is different? Power? Setup?

I was wondering if there is anyone here that knew-I guess my next step is going to the companies.

This website might help:

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voltage would be different. most of Europe and I think UK uses 220 volt at 50Hz. here we use 120 or 220-240 at 60Hz.

some things may work fine others may not. motors my not like the frequency of our alternating current. Also they are not UL rated so you might have insurance issues

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That makes me sad. I had a feeling it was something like that.

Thank you for responding.

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I am determined to find out if these companies will offer their UK options for the US.

I'm contacting the companies now and will post the answers I get if anyone is interested. I have to believe others have questioned the same thing. Maybe not. I seem to be alone in the boat sometimes.

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I would love to hear what they say if they respond. In my experience, UK and European appliances are almost always superior, especially the ranges and cooktops. Maybe not refrigeration. And I've never had good luck with EU washing machines, but that could be me.

Still, I have written both Bosch and Aga requesting some of their EU appliances be offered here, but no luck. Aga makes a gorgeous induction range there, but here? Nooo.

BTW, we have a lot of friends and work associates who move back and forth regularity w/work transfers. Very often they have the company either ship or store their EU appliances, then ship them back again. But almost ever do they attempt to actually use one. Mostly they just want to hang on to them. I get the impression that, cost wise, they pay a lot more for their appliances than we do, though I haven't done the math.

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UK works on 240volts, the rest of Europe 220v.

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Okay. I just posted on the main forum about my very recent finding. I was initially looking for UK models because I wanted something other than the GE 120V under cabinet double oven. Well I was looking at the Ge site, and that one isn't even listed anymore.

They do however have the PT925 (240V) listed for under counter installation now. They have a page in their instruction manual detailing the instructions.

This link may be helpful:

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