Need Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

firemanswifeNovember 28, 2006

My sister is graduating from beauty school in a couple of weeks and for Christmas I would like to put together a fun gift basket for her.

I am drawing a blank on this. I thought about hand cream since she will be washing her hands a lot and some cushions for her shoes since she will be on her feet all day.

I need some more suggestions and maybe a cute poem to attach to the basket.

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As sort of a gag, give her some anti-persperant/deodorant and breath mints since she will be bending over customers all day.

Flavored coffee, teas, nice mug or glass for carrying around the salon

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That is great.
Thanks for the idea!

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Here is a site with 101 gift basket ideas. Hope you find
something there that you can use.

Or maybe you can adapt this graduation survival kit to suit better.

Graduate Survival Kit
Glitter-to sparkle all night long
Battery-so you can keep going & going
Chapstick-to keep your lips kissable
Starburst-for a burst of energy
Nuts-to remind you to get a little nutty
Mirror, Perfume atomizer, Mouth freshener-to stay ready!
Fan-to cool down when you're too hot to handle
Hugs & Kisses-to remind you how special you are to me!!

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I was thinking of getting her a nice big mirror! I know when I go to the hairdresser they always have this big mirror to show you your back of your hair how it looks.

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