Can anyone recommend a "spiral slicer"?

happytime_caJanuary 31, 2013

My DIL is looking for a spiral slicer to make Vegetable "pasta" I have been looking at various ones and reviews are all over the place. Does anyone have one that they can recommend. Thanks

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I would just use a regular vegetable peeler if you are using it for vegetable "pasta". Those spiral slicers are gimmicky, aren't well-made, and often end up in a junk drawer after a few uses - that's my experience anyway.

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I inherited one from my mother. It's from the 1940's. It is flimsy but it does the job for small quantities. I used it for making potato and carrot spirals for roasting or frying but I can't imagine how it would work for making veggie pasta. What kind of veggies would you use? How would you cook it?

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I'm considering the one at the link--mainly because I'm gonna try fermenting some odd vegetables and this would increase the surface area greatly.

Does anyone have any experience with it?

Here is a link that might be useful: paderno slicer

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arley;that is the one that she has been looking at. But the reviews are so varied. My DIL is a vegetarian and making vegetable pasta with zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, is what she is looking for.

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On Arley's link there are more 4 star reviews than 1, 2, and 3 combined. And more than three times as many 5 star reviews as 4 star. Personally I think those are excellent stats.

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Thanks all for the input.
foodonastump, that is how I usually look at reviews it just seemed on this item the bad reviews were SO bad. But you are right there are more good reviews.

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Do not purchase this slicer - the Paderno slicer sold by Amazon.

I was mis-led by the reviews and purchased one, but found out that all the 1-star reviews are completely accurate. I would give negative star if I could.

I doubt the good reviews were based on the products sold by a different vendor, the current product is poorly made, nothing worked.

Glad Amazon has a good return policy.

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Here is one that looks better to me, and I have a Benriner mandoline that I like very much. It might help if you watch some videos on both machines before buying one. The Benriner is good because the vegetable stands up, and so it will stay in place more easily and less effort will be required to push it through.


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I've had the GEFU in my Amazon cart but just can't seem to commit.
I only want something for a few dishes like a rice vermicelli miso soup and some Vietnamese dishes. Maybe a cucumber salad when i tire of the usual slices and chunks and wet smooshie gratings.
It is small, fits in a drawer easily. Works like a big pencil sharpener.
Some like it, some do not. At least the price is way down now.

Just tired of gadgets and plastic junk, : )

Here is a link that might be useful: gefu spiral slicer

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