New Ge microwave and gas oven in house just bought replacing it .

SarinaDecember 3, 2013

Hi I am replacing this set up with the dual fuel GE Cafe and I was going to get a Kobe hood but then changed my mind to a vent a hood as it is what I had before for 8 years and while it was hard to clean I felt it did awesome job. So the setup up in here now I do not get . The gas range is a regular gas range but it does say it has one high output burner . How high I do not know I can not find the directions. So when I have cooked with it it is so frustrating. When doing a stir fry it really spreads the grease all around . It goes up all over microwave front and the vents on top of that and up to the above the microwave cabinet. I have never used or had an over the microwave unit. Is this typical of this type of setup. I put the fan on the high setting. Tonight I did sauteed chicken with some cranberries and balsamic vinegar . It was a mess all over the microwave door again and up to the cabinets. I hate it :( So anyone out there is this typical or do I just have a bum unit in here ?

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If it's a new range the specs can be found online at or a retailer site like

OTR microwaves typically have low airflow, zero capture area, and only really cover the back burner. Yes, they're all not very good, that I know of. By design. Worse if it's set up as recirc rather than vented. Get a real hood.

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Oh I am getting a real hood . I just wondered about these units and maybe I was using it wrong or something. The big burners to go with microwaves should be then made with burner that is more powerful in back . That is what I would think they should or would do but alas it is not so . I can not wait to get my Vent A Hood in here and my new GE Dual fuel !

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