New snowman bed springs

oddieNovember 2, 2007

Sorry the photos got turned around and I dont know how to fix it!

been playing with the bed springs agine, made the nose from saltdough, and tried all kinds of methods for the heads, the snowman looking up has the last of the glass bulbs I used last year on them,the rest are styrfoam, was given a large bag of custom jewerly so been adding some of it, have a question also I might get into a small craft show and maybe sell a few also my dd sil wants a couple ,so I have to know what would be a fare price, dont get to many craft shows and the old rule wouldnt work as I spend way to much time! what would you pay and dont worrie it wont hurt my feeling

happy Crafting


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Can't help you out with a fair price but just wanted to say ADORABLE. Hope someone else can help you with the price to ask. Went to a craft show today but nothing there as adorable as these. You did a GREAT job.

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those are so cute oddie!!! I love how you have them looking up. I don't do craft shows either, so I wouldn't have any idea what a fair price would be. I only make crafts for myself to display here at the house. Actually, I've spent most of my life sewing, making mine and my daughter's clothes, and doing some home decorating. Never sold any of that,

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Oddie, you have been a busy gal! They are adorable. Hopefully some of the ladies who are currently doing shows will chime in with pricing ideas for you. Luvs

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oh woman!! These are so precious!!! Great job!! Beautiful!!


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Hey Oddie - me, I'd say anywhere between $6 and $10 would be a fair price for your bedspring snowmen. I just think they're fantastic. And, my friend, I know you wonder what it should be for your time and effort, that's the hard part for me because I too spend way too much time putting things together and still wonder if it's good enough. I just made a wreath with a handcrafted fabric candy cane with the mica flakes, etc. and wanted $14.99 for it. Went to bed thinking that was too much and got up and changed it to $12.99. So you price your snowmen as best what you think you'd pay for them and just go for it. Good luck.


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Howdy Oddie: These are just sooooooo precious! I love the adorable little faces... and the way you accessorized them...the little scarves and the twigs of greenery and the little halo/hat of vine... I'm not sure of the prices either...
But I know if I had $$$$$ money I would buy a couple!!!
and plus they make great gifts...
You Did a Superb JOB !!!!!
Thanks so much for sharing... and for explaining the recipe of how to make them!!!!
H*A*P*P*Y H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S !!!
God Bless!

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Gosh you guys sure know how to make a girl feel good! thanks so much for all your very nice compliments!
Sal thanks for posting prices, my dd sil offered me $7.50 each, thought that sounded fair, I will only get to do the craft show if this other lady desides not to, guess its set up the year before. I think 15 would be a good price and probley to cheap for your wreath, I have seen your projects and I know you go way out on them, besides you cant find a plain wreath to decorate for less then 10, anyway thats my opinion.
Thanks agine

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Pudge 2b

Oddie, I saw these nodders today at a craft show (yeah, lots of home party stuff there). They were priced at $21.

Here is a link that might be useful: home and gift nodders

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Thanks pudge, I checked out the link, omg those are real cute, looks like they are useing the small springs , mine are 7 in tall just the spring part and come from the very old springs that wasnt covered, doesnt matter, I just like the taller springs the best, so do you think $7.50 is a fare price for mine?
Thanks for shareing the info!

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Pudge 2b

Oddie, I think that $7.50 would be on the low end of fair price and you could possibly go higher. Getting honest feedback from friends & family is always a good indicator. I have 3 people that I get pricing help from - one is very frugal (my mom), my SIL who will pay more for items and my neighbor who always falls inbetween. You've been offered $7.50, perhaps ask a couple more people who you know will be honest with you and that will give you a better indication of where to price it.

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I would charge $9.99. When you price just under 10 dollars
people usually think they are getting a good deal.
As usual your springs are just adorable. Keep up the great works!!

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Oh Oddie, Those are so awesome!!! I always look forward to seeing what you create. You do such wonderful work. TFS

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my goodness! these are the sweetest! they look like they are looking up to Heaven and praying for more snow! Such talent!

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Sorry had forgotton about this post and didnt check back, thank you for your nice comments! I just love makeing these, I like attaching a little tag with the poem ( star lite star brite please dont let me melt tonight!) thats what started me pointing the face up like they are wishing on a star!

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Oddie, your snowmen are the cutest I have ever seen. Will you give us a tut on how you made them? I finally found some bed springs and would love to make some snowmen like yours. TFS, Janie

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jained here is the tut I made for the bed springs! all the ones made this year has a salt dough nose, easy to make, just think about what a carrot looks like, I use gallery glass paints on the nose, kinda makes them look more real, and leaves them kinda shiney like a carrot, the frist photo I painted over the nose with orange paint, you can see the difference, the balls have given me fits! what I have left of the styrofoam balls has the lg pores, that painting does not fill you can use joint compound, to dunk the balls in, was out of that so I dunked them in melted wax, kinda shapeing it as it dried so it looked like a snowball, painted them frist with gesso them white paint, a few light sprays of sealer.
the joint compound would be the best to use, you can buy it in a bag that you mix yourself alot cheaper, texture paint would work also ( the kind sold at lowes )hope this helps! cant think of anything else to add, but if you have any questions just ask! you know you have to post photos when done!

sorry cant figure out how to bum up the post, but do a search at the bottom of the page for bed springs and it will come up!

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These are adorable. You did a great job - I remember when these first came out and I got so excited but didn't know where I would find the springs - I told my husband what I needed and he just looked at me and said "don't even think about it!" I guess he was afraid I wanted our mattress. Anyway, these are very sweet. I love the way you make the perimeter of the photo fuzzy. Is that a special program?

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I could see paying $10 for those and possibly even $12. They are simply adorable!

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Thank you, on the photo I use picture it photo program, you can soften the edges of your photo to what degree you like, as I have done here, also you can highlite the edges, and in all colors, but I like the soften edges in the white best, helps when there is something in the background you would like to kinda cover up, hope you find some springs, I like the real old ones the best.
natureperson, thank you, I sold a few for $7.50 , had planed on asking more when I open a esty store, figured it would be to late for Christmas iteams, so need to get some crafts made up before I go forward.

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