Which hood is quieter?

YuliaODecember 10, 2013

If i was comparing Vent-a-Hood with their magic lung (who in their right mind names a hood THAT??) and Best with external blower�Which one would be quieter?

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Any remote blower is going to be quieter, just due to the fact that it is not right there in the kitchen with you.
I have a 1000 cfm remote, and I'm sure if that motor was 36" above my range, I could not hear myself cook ;)

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is it loud even considering it is outside? if we put it outside it's going to be on the outside wall of the kitchen, so not too far awayâ¦

Are blue star and wolf hoods any different from best?

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Well, my husband said he is not ready to pay extra for the external motor (and for the installation) :(((

so, out of all "pro" internal motor hoodsâ¦are there any that are quieter then all others?

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It does not matter where the motor is mounted. The noise you hear is the sound of air moving. If you have a quite hood there is no air moving and if there is no air moving the hood is not properly removing the grease from the air. Your husband is correct in not wanting to pay the extra money for the external motor they are usually more expensive but more important when they break down you have to crawl up on the roof or stand on a ladder to fix them. If you live in a colder climate they have a tendency freeze up when it gets real cold. When you use the hood the moist air can freeze up the motor.

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