Craft Fair report from Saturday

toomuchglassNovember 7, 2010

I hit 3 fairs !!!! 2 were small ,church type ones . More Jewelry and lots of crocheted blankets & baby hats . Alot of sewn table runners, placemats & coasters. The rest were fall & Christmas decorations. Even though they were small --- they had the best bake sale ever !! Those ladies know how to bake !!

The other fair was fantastic ... it has a reputation for being one of the best. It had 135 vendors & a good balance of different crafts . (I did this one long ago & it's very strictly juried . ) The variety of crafts was mind boggling . If I saw something new ,I can't remember it -- my brain was in overload ! I spent $40 .... and of course they had that darn bake sale again ...

gggrrrr..... another 5 pounds !

I'm really happy to see such crowds at the fairs. I thought because of the economy - attendance might be down.

I was wrong . People were out & buying !! This is a great outlook for those of you that are doing fall fairs.

One comment I have about the crafts .... ALOT of people had Christmas Decorations. Each one was awesome & reasonably priced. I found when I did fall / Christmas fairs , I did fantastic because I was selling stained glass Gift things . People would buy things to give as Christmas Gifts. You can only decorate your house so much - and giving a Christmas decoration as a gift is too late.

It's the gift-y items that sell this time of year. Those people were the ones that were making the $$$

Good luck to all of you that have fairs upcoming !! And that is my report .........LOL

Now I'm going to sit back & look at all the things that they were selling & concentrate on the things that weren't at the fair. Unique sells. Uh-Oh -- I think I might be talking myself into doing fairs again !!!! LOL

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Thanks for the report. You are so right about "unique items" selling. It always has, it always will.

We've got 5 shows left for 2010, so we're busy as all get out. We're doing the last four of Castleberry's shows in Salem, NH Nov 12-14, Wilmington, MA Thanksgiving weekend, the big Hartford, CT Christmas show Dec 3-5, and back to Salem, NH the second week in Dec. We also have one more show with Country Folk Art in Albany, NY Nov 19-21.

Then we're off until the last weekend in January when it starts all over again.

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