Refrigerator models for 2009 come out!

harry_wildDecember 22, 2008

Just was wonder if there was a month out of the year where most of the 2009 refrigerators will be introduced. I heard that there was no month according to the Home Depot gal but I am sure there is. I was thinking maybe in March/April time frame. Am I right?

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Depot guy is correct. Manufacturers rollout "new" generations all the time without regard to months. These are not like cars, the 2009 model Thermador Freedoms will be no different than in 2008 except for the price. A product like Sub Zero's new BI generation fridges which will have broad market coverage in the new year are very different form the older 600 series that was available in 2008.

Bottom line if the nomenclature change you're getting a different fridge, if it's just made 2 months, 8 months, a year later don't expect big changes or a price concession unless it's been superceded by a new generation.

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Nice to know; but I think the dual bottom freezers will be in more models from each manufacturer in 2009. That what I want! I don't want to have the exterior ice and water dispensers.

Thanks antss!

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Just purchase online at and got a LG LMX21981ST -which is a 20.5 Cu. Ft. Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ Thru-the-Door Dispenser.

Description: Organize your groceries in this side-by-side refrigerator that features 2 freezer drawers for ample frozen food storage space. The French-door design places the entire fresh-food compartment at eye level for easy retrieval of items.

Got to use my Home Depot 10% off Certificate. Made the deal sweet!

I know that LG has some problems; but not all of them are defective only a certain percentage. And Best Buy will pick it up and return it if you are not happy for 30 days.

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Also found out that depend on the model; GE's refrigerators are made by LG or Samsung and some of LGs models are made by GE! So, brands don't make a differences.

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Harry - if it makes you feel good, you can believe that soem appliance manuf. will rollout a new unit in March and April 09. Also in June and nov. too. Will it be a unit you want? Will it be better than what's available now, will it be a better value? Too much of a crap shoot for me, but it's your kitchen.

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Harry_Wild - 20.5 cu. ft. is quite small for a fridge. Just wanted to make sure you know that since you are not seeing the refrigerator personally. Of course, it's fine if you have another fridge/freezer in the basement or something, or don't have more than one or two people in your home.

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Consumer Reports say that sales on refrigerators are usually in May and June prior to the new models coming out.

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.....and we all know CR gets it correct all of the time!

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Add to the lack of standard roll out timeframes the fact that E-Star requirements often change mid-year for those models.

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funny about nothing with the thermadors being new except the price. this is why i have a couple sitting out in my garage. along with my miele washer/dryer, turbo chef and capital range...

i think the manufacturers are crazy raising prices in this economy AND especially since there's nothing new or advanced. same product, different (depressed) year.

...and why are they out in my garage, instead of at the warehouse? my appliance dealer hasn't moved enough merchandise since the depression so they have no room. really, what is it with these manufacturers?

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