Newest faerie packaging idea..... you likey?

FlamingO in ARNovember 7, 2007

I looked at the deli- the containers are cheap and yucky looking. One florist had NO corsage boxes and the other would have to order them. Phooey. So in the car today I had a wild idea. String balloon cages!

You take a balloon, blow it up so it's about the size of a grapefruit. Dip lots of string or pretty crochet thread (thanks, Jenni!) in white glue and wind it around the balloon until it's pretty covered and let it dry. Pop the balloon and pull it out. Spray paint it silver or gold or something pretty, maybe even green metallic, if needed. Then cut an opening in it like a door, put in some excelsior and the faerie and make it so she's hanging onto the string (like a little flower faerie prisoner, snork). Then it could be hung on a Christmas tree like an ornament or taken out and used elsewhere.

What do you think about that? This morning I was hunting down L'eggs eggs, but found out they are too small. Rats. lol My mind is whirling.

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Hey! That sounds like a great idea Flamingo! I think that it would look darling!
Good Luck

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I'd try one first. That's a lot of work for something you don't really want as your final result.

This making your own gift bag idea was posted by Grainlady on the Money Saving Tips forum. I never thought of making my own bags, but it may be another way to package your work and get just the right look by using the right paper.

From Grainlady:
I also make my own gift bags. You can make them any size you need using most kinds of sturdy paper. The trick is finding a box the size you need to use as the form to make them.

A. Using a large box that cereal came in, take your paper and wrap the cereal box - all but the top (try to make the seam at the back of the bag, not the side). DO NOT stick anything TO the box - it's just a form.
B. Use a glue stick and/or double stick tape at the seams and bottom.
C. Leave the top of the box you are using as a form open so that you can reach in and have something to hold onto when you pull the box out of the bag.
D. Finish the bag by cutting the top edge (if it needs evened out) - you can use fancy cut scissors or pinking shears, if you have some. Fold the top edge into the inside and glue down using a glue stick. You can fold it over twice if you are going to attach ties/handles.
E. You can add ties/handles using twine, ribbon, yarn, etc. by using a hole punch and making 4 holes (two on each of the long sides) about 3-4-inches apart and thread the twine, ribbon, yarn, etc. through the holes to secure the top closed.
F. Crease the sides in the center to resemble a regular paper gift bag.

4. Another easy gift bag can be made out of brown paper lunch bags (you can also find them in colors or out of decorative paper). Secure the top by folding over 2-inches or so, punch two holes through all layers of the folded down area, and secure with twine, ribbon, yarn, etc. You can decorate these with all kinds of things, or leave them plain.

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Could be interesting-- haven't seen this done before!

Ah, fairies-- we give them wings, and then promptly put them in confinement. Such is the inequity of crafting. :-)


Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/vintage decorating blog

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I think the string cages are the perfect packaging, Flamey! Yesterday I almost suggested that you use the balloons and do papermache on them, just as you plan to do with the string, but I was afraid it would be too time-consuming. I do think the string would be much cuter.

LOL @ Jenn's comment above!

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Would be cute and perhaps the perfect setting for the faeries but pretty time consuming - myself I would get about 6 made and lose interest...
Suzan J

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This is for a party yes? You have to think about how they get them home too. Have you tried the Dollar stores to see what they might have in containers and the party aisle?

How about a helium balloon for each and they could be tied to the bottom. It would take up all your ceiling space tho but would be effective. a sstreamer could be attached with a number and then they'd pull down their number. I like it.

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Hey's perhaps another 'cagey' idea. Hit the Dollar stores and you know the smaller wire strainers on a handle? Maybe use a pair of them -spray painted in gold-then insert the fairy & glue the 2 halves together? You could even run a pretty ribbon thru the hole in the handle for it to be hung in a window or wherever. Maybe this wouldn't work-but think Hardware store...mesh ball of some sort...OH! Know what? At Michaels, they have this wide metallic ribbon-mesh the row where the woody stemmed items are-dried pods, long feather stalks, bamboo, etc. Maybe by just gluing this ribbon to 4 sides of a frame of some sort?

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The string/balloon idea sounds intriging, but as others mentioned, a lot of work!! I've no new ideas for you, but did wonder if you could give us the name of the book you used to make them, or the site you ordered it from? I love them and you did a fantastic job on them!


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How about take out Chinese food containers? I happen to have 3 pkgs (10 per pack) of green ones - after St. Patricks sale at Joanns that I would be willing to part with if your faries could fit them. They are 2 1/4" high, 2 3/4" wide and 2" deep and very light to mail.

You could put excelsior in them, tie some raffia on the handle and decorate with stickers or make tags like the ones on the faries themselves.

Just a thought and offer. I almost bought the book Felt Wee Folk with my Joanns coupon a couple of months ago but came to my senses that it would be just another craft book added to my collection and not a project done out of the book. Your faries are so darling!!!

Email me if interested in the containers.


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Me again...just saw how tall your faries are in your original post and you would probably have to make them sit to fit in the containers.

They have the regualr sized containers at Smart and Final (white and in plastic sleeves) and The Container Stores (sold individually & in assorted colors but pricey) here in CA. I would imagine any food/supply place would carry them but you probably would have to buy at least 50.


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FlamingO in AR

Carmen, what a lovely offer. I really appreciate it. I think your containers are a bit too small, though. And you SHOULD get the book! It's a great project book and I've had a lot of fun making the faeries.

Luvstoclick- the book, as Carmen mentioned, is "Felt Wee Folk" by Sally Ann Mavor. I ordered my copy from the Wal Mart website last year and got a good deal on it.

I think the balloon/string idea is going to work and it'll be very cost effective aka cheap! lol I really need to keep the cost down, I don't want to spend $20-$30 or more just to wrap these little guys. Since I have to wrap 24 of them, it adds up fast.

I got some balloons yesterday, blew one up to a good size for me and wrapped it with plain string- it took 14 yards to get a good coverage and seems very doable. So I'm going for it. I have about a month to do them, but since I'm used to working in quantities, I figure I'll get them all wrapped over the weekend and then it'll be easy to finish them off. Look for pictures fairly soon!

Thanks again for all the suggestions, ideas, compliments and offers!

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I remember making the string-balloon things a kid - maybe in Brownies or something. They were pretty cool and made by an adult would be even better. Can't wait to see pics of yours!

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FlamingO....check out this box...I think it would be easy and what ever material you choose would make it pretty.

Here is a link that might be useful: fabric take out boxes

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Flamingo, those fairies are precious! They will make great ornaments in the string cages. Lot's of work, but if you're willing, I think they will look light and airy!
Maybe a pale sagey green spray paint might make them more hangable all in a window. You sure did get some great ideas....which I am sure we can all use for other small gifts. Thanks, all!!

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FlamingO in AR

Thanks everyone for all the ideas. I'm doing the balloons! Jenni and I have conspired long distance and with her help and shopping skills, she's getting me set up to do them. I couldn't find exactly what I needed around here and the first 2 I tried didn't come out well. So Jenni did one with some stiffy stuff she had and had great success, so I'm back in business again. I'm glad, I really really wanted to make these.

Thank you Patti for the box idea. Maybe I can use them next year for some other ornament.

Gram, the sage green color is a good idea, I can tint the stiffener with paint, I think I'll do that.

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