Would you rather see a price - or no price ?

toomuchglassNovember 14, 2010

I need your opinions !!!!

My friend & I differ so much on our opinions about craft fair displays. She won't price things - she believes if someone is interested - they'll ask. That gives her a chance to make a sales pitch. ( and her stuff is usually expensive )People ask - and when they hear the prices - I can just see them squirm , get embarrassed & try to think of a reason to get away.

I just totally disagree with her tactics.I want to see prices . That way ,I can see if something is out of my price range & I don't bother with it. I don't want a hard sell on something I can't afford .

So whatcha think ? Would you mind a booth with no prices ?

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I prefer to see prices. I feel embarassed if I have to ask, then can't afford it.

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I prefer to see the price, too.

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I absolutely hate having to ask! Usually, if it is not priced, I will just walk away without asking.

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As a seller, I prefer to price my things. If I'm busy with another customer I don't want someone interrupting to ask a price and I don't want them to wait for an answer. Also, as I do shows alone, if I have stepped away to the bathroom for a minute, then at least there are tags for people to look at. I don't price each individual item if there are multiples of the same thing. I just put up a sign. For one-of-a-kind items though, a tag is a must.

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I like to see prices also, I don't like to ask. Does your friend sell much doing this???

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Actually - she doesn't. I told her over & over again - her stuff is overpriced. Most people (in my view) are embarrassed they asked , because it's too expensive.

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I will walk away if I do not see a price unless it is really something very much needed. This goes for garage sales too!

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If I don't see the price, I don't ask and walk away.... my impression, right or wrong, is if it is not priced then it's overpriced

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No Price? I don't bother to even ask

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I like to know price, and if it is not marked I usually pass it by. Yard/garage sales too. Nanny

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No price, I keep walking!!! How awful would she feel if she said the wrong price and then when she went to check the sales out, if she would indeed make a sales, and then charge them a different price!! I like browsing in my own little world and not have to hear a sales pitch, if I have a question I will ask. I REALLY hate GS that don't price things, talk about the person not remembering what price they may have told you!! Besides they appear to be on the lazy side. I don't mind going to a GS if a sign is posted saying ALL clothing $#.00 and everything else .** or such as that, at least I can shop without having to keep asking and being embarrassed by putting down what I think s overpriced L

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You agree with me !

*** I made these solar lights with stained glass attached . They cost me about $5.00 to make them. I gave her the idea , she started making them & charging $20.00 each. In my opinion -- that's W-A-Y overpriced . I think a fair price would be $10 - $14 .

She said "if it's priced too cheap - people will think it's junk." I guess she's satisfied with selling one or two at high prices.I would rather sell something at a fair price - and sell bunches of them.People can see they're not junk.

I'm happy with my way of thinking thankyouverymuch !

Thanks for your opinions !

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Craft Fairs must have prices marked or I won't bother because I figure I'm going to get a sales pitch & few times I have & if I bought I was mad at myself as I did feel it was over priced. Guess what happens next year!! I bypass that table I don't care how great her stuff is. I get took once that is it! At yard sales, most out here don't mark things, I ask, if it is a great item & low price I just take it to my car after I've paid for it. When I come back I just smile & tell them I wanted my "hands free to look some more" that way the price isn't going up & I can enjoy looking without finding out her friend is suddenly upping the price because I was willing to carry it all over.(that has happened & I left without the item.> Would your friend pay $20 for her item if she was buying instead of selling? If she wouldn't why does she think others would? Most people will pay more for a well made useful item of clothing, shawl or something for the kitchen. Less money for cute item,something to sit out for a holiday & then pack away or latest craze. I did end up making a lot of mop dolls years ago but I had so many burned fingers I was upset I let myself get talked into making them. I hand painted the faces with blue or brown eyes & would use ladies colors for the trim & ties on the "skirt" Dolls go well as all ladies seem to still like them or they have granddaughter or daughter. One thing that always bothers me is to see something like kitchen towels cut off & crocheted across top to hang up. Colors must be what is "in" now, avocado green doesn't look good in a black & white kitchen. Afghans made in dull or clearance yarn or poorly arranged colors are a no-no. Some ladies in my club tho come in with stuff I think will look awful & it ends up being beautiful as they know how to change colors. Even so an avocado,brown & orange item isn't going to sell like crazy. This is too long. sorry! Jan

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No price, no sale! My thought is the person selling may charge me one price, and another a different price. If I paid more, I would be really upset.
But I am that way in stores too. I have just been to at least 3 craft shows these last 2 weeks and most were priced. One table of jewelry was not priced, and it was made out of older jewelry,but it looked like junk! table messy and poor lay out. I did feel sorry for the person as she appeared to be handicapped, but I did not buy anything--attitude! Another table also made out of recycled jewelry, priced, neat and clean and elderly woman, but sales were very good.

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I hate it when I go to buy something theres no price,its like they are hiding something.I hate that.

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IMO, every single item needs to be priced. I don't like seeing a price on one item and then wondering if a similar, but differently detailed item is another price.

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I want to see prices to. If I don't see any I just assume it's more then I want to spend...

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It's funny. Yesterday my wife and I were figuring out how many shows we've done in our craft show career. 30 years at an averagte of 35 shows per year, and that's over 1,000 shows.

And I can say I've seen both priced, and non priced items. Usually the high end shows are the ones where some will put out their prices. But you know the work is expensive, and sometimes they'll haggle. High end jewelers don't display their prices, because you KNOW that's a real ruby and not a bead.

But everybody else has their prices right out there.

Your friend admits to not selling very much. And if she's happy not selling, who are we to argue?

There is the theory about underpricing. But today, with people not having much money to spend at the shows, you ask what you think is a fair price, and she asks what she thinks is fair. The customer will decide.

There are two schools of thought in this business. "Quick nickels" or "slow dimes".

You are in the first camp, and your friend is in the second camp.

Here is a link that might be useful: Shady Pine Studios

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I agree, I want to see the price so I don't have to back away from stuff that is overpriced. DH is an optimist and always says "let's just ask" but I get embarrassed when it is much more than I expected.

Some friend you have - she stole your idea and is trying to overcharge people. Why don't you make the same thing (your idea) and price it at what you think is fair, with the price visible on the item or the table? She would be upset, but I would find a new friend. The older I get, the less tolerant I am of people who take advantage.

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I am with everyone else here, I need to see a price.

If everyone is standing around waiting in line just to ask how much something is, they've wasted half their afternoon waiting in line. Would she rather have a line of people making purchases & handing her money or would she rather be spending her day just answering questions? I know what I would pick!

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If I don't see prices on things at craft shows or in stores, I just walk away. To me, this says that they know their stuff is over priced and are ashamed of the prices. I am not going to bother to ask the price, no matter how much I like your displayed items. If something is priced right...even higher priced items...they will sell. You don't need to give me a sales pitch. It doesn't matter what you tell me, if I am not interested enough to pay your price, I won't buy. I also sell higher priced items at shows and I proudly price my wares fairly....and I rarely have a problem selling them.

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I agree with everyone else. Prices where they can be seen! I have had customers tell me that they like my space so much better than so and so's because everything is priced and on the front on the object. I also made small laminated signs for some of the more popular items. People will still ask, but I think they are just checking or maybe they are testing me. :-)

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I want prices, also! When I did some things for sale, tho not a craft show, I was told by my aunt who had been in the ceramics business, to price my things at 3 x what it cost me to make it. In my opinion, she is $5 too high in price. I think I would show her our comments. She might decide you are right in pricing everything!


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Let's put it this way: Would she rather sell less quantity at a higher price OR more quantity at a lower price? It seems like a no-brainer to me. Perhaps she needs to test the waters.

But, in answer to your questions, if I don't see a price, I generally will walk away wondering why the seller didn't post a price if they want to sell something and it's probably b/c the item is very expensive. On the other hand, if I really like something, I will ask BUT, it's embarrassing to me to stand there waiting to interrupt the seller talking with someone just to get a price. If the seller doesn't acknowledge me immediately, I walk away.

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