Inexpensive glasses recommendations? (vision)

jlj48January 13, 2014

My daughter just got new contacts and we used our insurance benefit on the contacts. I'm looking for a new backup pair for her. Vision place could replace her lenses in her current frames for $230!. I thought I could do better. Any recommendations?

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7


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I have no experience with their vision center, but perhaps Costco? Also, LensCrafters is always running specials.

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I am happy with mine from Costco..I too use my insurance for contacts, and have gotten two pairs from Costco, They had a better selection of nice inexpensive frames than lens crafters. My grandson gets his at Wall mart, and is happy with his, but I prefer Costco.

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I don't live near a Costco, but do a Walmart (everyone does). Is Zenni an online retailer? Sorry, my glasses are reading glasses from the Dollar Tree. My only concern about an online retailer is if they need adjusted. With not buying them locally, would I need to pay to get that done when/if needed?

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DD got hers on the internet and was very pleased.

Not sure of the website.

I believe you got to select up to 5 pair of frames, order them, try on, send them all back U.P .S., and pick the one you want them to fill with your RX.

I think the total was about $100. You did need to have a valid RX.

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RNmomof2 zone 5

How much does she wear these glasses? We just went through this with my DD as well. I started to get lenses without any bells and whistles. If you are wearing them from the bathroom to bed, do you really need scratch coat, anti-reflection, thinnest lenses available, designer frames? I ended up getting a few of these options but did not get the fanciest options available.

Anyone will adjust your glasses, they do not need to be from that store. They do not ask for proof of purchase or know if glasses came from their place.

I am intrigued by the Internet options.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I like having lots of prescription glasses and Zenni allows me to try new styles and funky frames without guilt. The first pair of prescription sunglasses I bought there cost $6.95 plus $4 for the tinting. Yes, that included the lenses.

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Vision Works. They have a store at my local mall. Sometimes there are coupons in my Sunday paper and ask about the discounts when you stop in.

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JC Penney Optical runs great specials on glasses for kids -- especially at the beginning of the school year. For the last two years, I have gotten my daughter's glasses there for $25 total, including the frames. That's only certain frames but there's a good selection, and if you want something else, they just upcharge you a bit -- I think one of her pairs was $40 because she picked an expensive designer frame. I always see ads for their adult specials as well - usually $99/pair. The kids glasses are guaranteed for life with a small copay to replace them if they break -- so far I haven't had to use it though! Not sure if they have the same policy for adult glasses.

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Not sure this is applicable as you may have already bought the contacts but if insurance is applied to 1 pair of glasses or contacts through vision works then they allow you to buy up to 10 more at 50% off total frames and lenses. I love it as u can buy two pair for the price of one in addition to my years supply of contacts free with insurance.

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Thanks for the replies. I just purchased a year's worth of contacts yesterday because I got a rebate to buy a whole year's worth. She will be 12 soon, so she is in adult frames (That Penney's deal sounds awesome!) We are about an hour and a half from a major mall that would have a place like lens crafters or vision works. Lots of vision places nearby, but none with great deals. She is really liking her contacts but her vision has changed enough that she can only wear her glasses to and from bed, basically. It would be really great for her to have a back-up pair to wear to a sleepover or just on a day when she didn't want to mess with contacts. Looks like I need to watch for great deals, although I think most of those deals are back to school kind of specials. I will look online. I will definitely check out Zenni. Thank you. And good to know that anyone will do an adjustment. I thought you had to buy the glasses from them for that. My daughter's pretty good, but I've taken my son's glasses to be adjusted many times when they were in pieces. He was so rough on them.
One day I will graduate from Dollar tree reading glasses to cute designer frames. I saw some that I really liked!

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