HAH 30' versus 50'

Linda37160December 11, 2012

My installers wants me to go 30' hoses installed 2 extra. but if i go 50' i want need them.

Do I lose suction with a 50' hose.

Of course I want to be cost effective but I also want to have the easiest on me.

I just need help with this decision. I live near nashville and evidently the HAH has not be installed very much. I think the CV in the past have scared mines around here.

But this forum has convinced me IT IS A MUST. He is installing the MD system. Got any comments on that.

Advice please, Linda

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Do one 50'... or even 60'. I have a 60'. It is so much easier to just use one outlet than to use two (pulling the hose out twice, moving the attachments around the house, etc. Having one outlet with the attachments stored nearby is really convenient.) Do you have a convenient central location for the longer hose? Having just one will save on not needing all the extra tubing, also...

I am not sure if you need a slightly stronger vacuum for the longer hose.. hopefully someone else can comment on that.

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agree with lolauren - (who also told me I'd be fine with the 60' when i was debating what to do...great advice) :)

I went with a 60' in basement, a 60' in the upper and 2 on the main floor (40 each, I think just bc a 60' wouldn't do it the way the floor plan is laid out)

The actual vacuum is important though - depending on house size, etc - we went with Honeywell H902 - LOVE IT! There is nothing this vacuum doesn't suck up...including on carpet :)

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