Rice Heating pads

levetaNovember 9, 2008

Does anyone have a step by step pic. of this. It sounds so simple, but then so am I...lol...I like looking at how to's be for I do's....

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Leveta, this is a photo of the ones I make.. I make the rice bag out of cotton batting and then I make another tube out of a fabice I like and that can be washed.. like flannel or cotton, I make four pockets for the rice in the cotton tube.. sewing each shut as I go.. I usually add approx 1/2 cup of rice in each pocket .. You can add some lavender, or other herbs to cut the smell of the rice after you put it in the Microwave.. I have used such things as the dried blooms from a chocolate mint plant.. and it make a nice smell when heating the bags.

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Thanks Huggy, I hate to say that I don't have a sewing machine anymore. But I know people that do sew....I'll keep the info...

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I made rice bags as gifts and to sell and was very sorry later. After about a year or even less they start to stink. I then switched to corn and they are good for a year or possibly 2, then they smell pretty bad also. If I was to make anymore of the bags I would use flax. They can catch on fire if not cared for properly. I loves the bags but hate the smell of rice or corn.

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Is this for your neck? You can use a long tube sock - fill it with rice - and knot the other end...

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I add lavender buds and also I have added dried chocolate mint buds to my rice and it makes it smell a lot different.. I always make sure I hang my rice bags up to and let them dry good.. and always make sure you use the real rice and not the instant. I would use the flax seeds but very hard to find here..

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It kinda makes me afraid to try them if they put off and odor. Lavenda would smell great. I never heard of choc. mint buds. I bet they would smell good...

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I make some to use for cramps and chest colds. I;m so sorry I don't have a photo but this is how I make mine.

Cut 2 squares or rectangles large enough for your tummy or chest. Sew together the 2 short sides and along the bottom. Turn inside out and fold the top about 1/4" or so to the inside. This is where I iron the top down...and fold the fabric in half then fourths to show me where my seams are. Sew a seam vertically down the center. Place about a cup of rice(or flax) in each side. Sew a horizontal seam across the center. Now place a cup of rice(or flax) in each of the last 2 sides. Sew shut across the top. The lavender is a great addition, I grow it, so that's what I use. This is the one the kids seem to like when they have a tummy ache or a cold. When they're sad, it's nice to cuddle with.
I use rice, I have had the same bag for a few years now, it never bothered me. BUT...the last time I bought cornstarch at Walmart, in the baking section, I noticed a box of flax seed. So now I know where it is, and I'd like to try it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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Thanks Kudzu, where do you get the dried lavendar?

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Kudzu, I have the milled flax seed, but I do not think that would work.. I have not seen the whole flax seeds and have called several area mills and they do not have it either.. but I will keep trying.. I have never had my rice get bad, you do get a slight oder from the rice so that is why I add the lavender buds and/or Choc. mint. which is dried also.. the Choc. mint is awesome.. I am going to grow some of it next spring also , along with lavender.. My DDI's neighbor gave me a lot of sprigs of the choc. mint bush and I dried it and so I had some of it to use with my rice bags.. It is really a great plant, when it is growing you just take your fingers and pull them up over a stem of the plant and oh my gosh , it is great.
Okay so much for making me want to go home and get my rice bag and heat it up and put on my back at work..LOL
I do keep one of my small lavender sachet at work so if things get goofy at work and stressful I just rub the little pillow and smell the lavender and it will calm one down.. that way I do not strangle any of our salesmen..LOL

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