French door fridge handles to Samsung handles?

rantontooDecember 3, 2013

Is it possible to change the handles on a French door fridge with hinges like Whirlpool's to Samsung handles?

My current Samsung induction stove and new fridge will only be 10 inches apart. Unfortunately, my stove was purchased this summer before I realized issues that will affect refrigerator choices. Due to a 27 inch wall and walkway area, I need a French door fridge that has hinges like the Whirlpool design (doors do not open wider than the box of the fridge) with a maximum depth of 32 inches. It may seem silly...but, different handle shapes are really going to bug me!

My fridge options are limited...Why do so few companies use this kind of hinge compared to the wider width needed hinges like Samsung uses?

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While anything is possible with enough money, what you propose isn't really feasible for most people. 99% of the people who come in your kitchen will NEVER notice different handles. Or care if they do notice. And 6 months after you do the project, you won't notice or care either. Unless you are a 1 per center.

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The difference in shapes...round bowed bar versus flattened flare...will definitely bug me since they will be 10 inches apart. The difference with my Bosch dishwasher does not even phase me since it is 8 feet away. Ordering a set of handles from Samsung will run under $300; I would just like to know if they can be retrofitted to work on a Whirlpool fridge before I order them. I would rather not spend $300 on something that may turn out to be useless. While it would seem on this issue, I am definitely a 1%er, my bank account is not!

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