Pictures in glass balls

BeadaNovember 29, 2004

Hi again everyone! The guidance counselor at my school has asked me to come up with an ornament that has her niece's baby's picture on it. I know I've seen where you can roll a picture up inside a glass ball but does anyone know how to do this or where I can find directions? She only has the one picture, so I only really only have one shot at it! LOL On top if that, she needs it by Wednesday. Can anyone help?


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First...make a COPY of the pic! Cut the pic into a circle the size of the ball and roll it onto a pencil. Remove the cap from the ornament and put the pencil (and picture) down into the ornament.Remove the pencil and the picture is suppose to unroll inside the ball. I've only done one of these and I used the transparency film. If you use that,you'll need to wait and make sure it's dry!

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I did as country bumpkin said, only i
thinned out some white glue and painted
it on the back of the pic once it's
in the ornament. That keeps the pic in
place and the glue will dry clear.

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I second the above, be sure the picture is as big as the ball or it will "roll" around inside. Carol Duvual did these on her 2000 holiday shows I believe.
Susan in Bama

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Patches - how did you manage to paint the glue on after the pic was in the ornament? I'm afraid I may not be coordinated enough for this. I have 2 boxes of clear glass balls, tho, and this would be a neat way to use some. Does painting the glue on stick it to the glass? -- Sorry for being dumb :(

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I used one of those little craft paint brushes
but i have also used a q-tip. You don't want to
roll it tight around the pencil or it won't
unroll easily for you. I did each of my grand kids
this way. Another thing i have done is wait till
the pic is completely dry then take the thinned
out glue and pour it inside, roll around till it's
completely covered then pour glitter in and shake
it till it's all covered. Looks really good.

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I didn't like the printing on acetate or transparency (since I only have inkjet printing) when I had to go to a stationary store to get the pictures done by lazer. So I tried laminating both sides of the picture and the result is a good thickness and works great. I also find that if you place a prong of the ornament hanger on each side of the picture, the picture will stay in place.

Really quick.

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Does anyone have a picture of one of these you could post?My poor little brain is having a bad day.

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I made memory ornaments last year for the family with photo
copies of three photos of my dad who passed away, inside one
glass ball. I did them a little different from you guys by
using a product called Magic Bubble which I bought at Michaels.
I posted a pic on the gallery. When the liquid sealer was
completely dried I filled the ball with iridescent angel
hair tinsel so that you couldn't see the back of the pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Memory Ornament

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I've made the photo ornaments the past 2 years. The first ones I printed on transparencies, and as long as they were placed in front of a solid object the photo showed just fine. But hanging on the tree, the picture was hard to see. So last year I printed the photos on silver metallic paper. They look like they are printed on a mirror and look really neat inside the ball ornament. I usually cut a notch at the top of the photo circle to that it fits inside the mouth of the ball and keeps the photo from turning.

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I just remembered that on the photo circles on the metallic paper I put clear contact paper on the back to make the circle stiffer.

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I've been making the magic bubble ones for the last 3's the link.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Magic bubble

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I made the ones using the Majic Bubble about 5 years ago, used a picture of myself and my 11 brothers and sisters, got a color copy made from a photograph taken of all 12 of us the year before. These were quick and fun to make. I just today made 7 using a copy of an emblem for an organization I belong to, these are for some group members for Christmas.

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I did the transparency (if you have a scanner you could scan and print instead of using the original). I have a pic (actually emailed to me) when I went to visit a cyber-crafting friend (KS to CA). She has the most beautiful garden/yard and we were sitting in front of it together. I printed that pic and also a poem about friendship on another circle (size of the ball). I spray paint the backs white so the pic will show up better. I also make a tab at the top that will actually be coming of the the neck of the ornament so that it will not end upside down in later years. Then I added small silk flowers inside the ball as well. (with the transparency, it sits right in the middle of the ball).

I want to do some memory ornaments the same way, adding small items that represent things they liked, with the scapebooking stuff out now, it's easy to find something for everyone that would fit inside.

Let us know how you ended up doing this ornament.


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I think it was on yesterdays Carol Duvall show where she stamped on tissue and then affixed the stamped image inside the clear ball.
I wa thinking that those little tissues that come with home permanent kits might do well here.

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