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zeeteraNovember 20, 2007


I used to post on here around 10 years ago and slowly faded away. I've been back a few times within the past year and something caught my eye - the chalkboard placemats made by Jenni. Being that I'm a mediocre crafter, making one seemed impossible and hers looked so neat. After a long time I finally decided to try one. I wasn't too impressed and gave up. Plus my sewing machine was acting up (what's that saying about a worker and his tools? lol). Last month I decided to give it another shot, and while it's not as good as the ones on here, it was better.

Since then I've gone on to make some plastic bag holders and blue jean purses. I actually look forward to crafting now! Eventually I'd like to try to sell, but my confidence isn't there yet.

Thank you for all the inspiration and ideas on here and I hope that I can give something back that may be helpful to you all. There is so, so much talent on this board.

P.S. I wouldn't mind taking some pics and posting them on this thread but need a hosting site. What's the best one to use?

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Hi Zeetera, welcome back! glad you have desided to craft agine, althoe I was reading the garden web 10 years ago I wasnt posting then, would love to see your crafts! I use photobucket, its free and simple to use.
Happy Crafting

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you can upload the pics from your hard drive to the gallery

see the link on our first page of this forum and just follow directions

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Good for you. After the first placemat the next ones are easy. I'm glad you were inspired to try one!
They make cute gifts and really do come in handy!!
Now we want to see it!! LOL

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Thank you! Photobucket actually gives you the URL - how nice. I feel as if I have to critique my work before you do.

These are some of the placemats. I was trying to use up the fabric that I had already so you'll see the same on a few of the projects. Just noticed that I was too lazy to tuck under the bias tape edges on the middle one. As much as I tried, I couldn't get the loops even to put the chalk in, so I just improvised and put a pocket and included a piece of sponge [eraser] to fill the space.

These are the no-sew denim bags. Again, the same fabrics. (We have no craft stores here so I ended up getting the gold chain, shown in the back right, from a hardware store. My dad said that he used to use it on toilets.)

And finally the plastic bag holder.

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Welcome back Zeetera, Gosh, I sure wish I would have known about these forums ten years ago--now I feel like I've missed so much! LOL

Your projects all look just great. Your purses are really cute, I love them. Great job on everything, looks like you have a real talent for crafting.


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Isn't it amazing how we are our own worst enemies and critics?
I have learned over the years to not be so critical (well, most times) of my own projects since anyone else looking at the item doesn't see the tiny little flaws that I know are there....
Zeetera, your projects are beautiful. I particularly love the smartie and black placemat, and the purse with that placemat in it.
Somehow I must have missed this original thread, which surprises me since I really do spend too much time here, so what's the little pocket on the back about?
How much would you sell those purses for? If you are not comfortable discussing your prices on the forum here, would you please email me about those purses as I might just have to have
Very nice work, hon, keep it up and give yourself a pat on the back!
Suzan J

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Love all your items, blue jean purses are really cute. Are they hard to do?

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Wow, you all are so nice, lol. Think I'll hang around some more.

luvs - I wish I would have had the foresight to save projects over the years. Back then posts just disappeared after 10 pages, and if I remember correctly, those 10 pages flew by.

Susan - after looking at them again last night I don't think I'm ready to sell them. I need to practice some more. I'll send you one though.

They're not difficult to make, just difficult to get them accurate. And time consuming. It can take over 3 hours to do one, with all the gluing.

Hey Minnie! I remember you from the KT. I see MingO on here too.

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Yor projects are wonderful

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How nice to have you sharing your crafts with us. And they all look great to me! Keep on crafting and sharing!

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OMG glad you came back and are shareing with us your wonderful crafts! I soo love your jean purses with all the cute touches! and they are no sew, would you care to share how you made yours?
all your crafts are beautiful! and would be very saleable!
Happy Crafting

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Thanks again. The purses aren't aligned properly, although you can hardly notice it in the pictures. Oddie, I've admired your work on here too and must say that you are very talented.

I actually bought the instructions and I'm wondering if the originator would frown upon me putting it out here. Also don't know the rules well enough to know if I can put a link to her sales page.

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Zeetera, Your purses are adorable. I absolutely love them. Can you please tell us where you bought the instructions?

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zeetera there is no option to email you through your page here so would you email me please?

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Jenni, I just emailed you.

Durrable, just do a search in eBay for Bootie Bag instructions. I think the one I used is one of the first in the list and it has Diva in its name. There's about 26 pages of instructions and I think that's in her listing description. If you can't find it let me know and I'll go look up her username.

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Lovin' the denim purses! I have ruined 3 pr of kid's jeans-trying to make a smaller version for my 'diva' 5yr old granddaughter! I too, would love to know how to correctly do them and if it's possible to make a smaller version. I don't want the feedbag you,I want the flat bottom. Please email me w/the way to do this if you would? My only problem seems to be the distance where you cut the jeans off and how to make enough room to make it flat! (clear as mud, right?) LOL! shchmb at msndotcom

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That's the part Sharon I was wondering about. I think I'll just try one and see. I'm thinking one way to do it would be to cut a piece of the denim from one of the legs to be the size you want the bottom to be.
Then just sew it on, thus making the bottom.
I'd be interested to see how the instructions say to do it.
Wondering too if the inside uses fabric covered cardboard pieces to make it stiff.

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Love it all,but especially those denim purses! They look "sell-able" to me :) I really like the gold chain on them,too,and don't you just love that beaded ribbon?? Maybe you could try some elastic for the loops to hold the chalk? but I like the pocket better!

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