candy mint poem

BeadaNovember 24, 2007

Does anyone have the poem that goes something like, I "mint" to do this and I "mint" to do that..... My mom would like it to use for favors at a church dinner. I think I've heard of it but can't find it anywhere. I will keep searching but figured someone here would have it at their fingertips! Someone always does!

Thanks! Beada

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Hope this is it.

I "MINT" to call and thank you, But my time is in demand.
I " MINT" to say "I Love You," But I knew you'd understand.
I "MINT" to send you flowers, But they cost so much you know.
I "Mint" to pray for you this morning, But I had someplace to go.
I "MINT" to say "Forgive Me," But that's so hard to do.
I heard the Lord say, "Bless You Child," I hope He "MINT" me too!

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Here's another one.

I "mint" to call and thank you,
But I couldn't find a quarter.
I "mint" to send you flowers,
But my mind was out of order.
I "mint" to stop and see you,
But the day came to an end.
I "mint" to try much harder

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