Making a Grave blanket?

happymelNovember 4, 2008

Hello. I'm new here. Has anyone ever made a Grave blanket? I'm getting ready to decorate my daughter's grave for Christmas soon. However I have no idea where to START to make a grave blanket and everything i'm finding online is vague at the best

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Check first to see if the cementery will allow this. Most have strict rules what can be placed and how long. I am sorry about the loss of your daughter.

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It's our family cemetery. I'm the secretary and the one who posts general rules and in charge of the donation box. I don't have to worry about the decoration rules, here is a photo of her grave on Halloween

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I am so sorry for your loss.
The old way I used to make them was with chicken wire. Very nasty on the hands. But the flower shop that I work at now makes them an easier way. He takes a 2x4 and cuts it about 12" or so. Depends on how long you want your blanket. Then tape a piece if styrofoam on it. Then just start filling it in with the greenery. Then decorate with a big bow, pine cones, poinsettia's, etc. Hope this helps. I made 4 of them last year and this way was so much easier.
You really could use any size of board that you have around. Then you can cut wire hangers in half and use them to anchor them into the ground.

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thank you Cheri!! The 2x4 sounds much easier on the hands then chicken wire

I will definitely try it

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I make mine pretty much the same way with the foam. I use magnolia leaves to cover the base and that also adds width and length and then I layer on sprigs of juniper that I cut from my yard and then I add red berries and a large bow. I have used red velvet bows and gold foil bows depending on what I have on hand at the time. It is not expensive to make and looks nice on a grave during the holidays. I try to take a spray bottle of water along to spritz the greenry. I use metal "L" shaped shelf hangers that work realy well to anchor the blanket in place. The hangers are sold at hardware stores and Walmarts and are less than a buck apiece and will last a long time.

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Copy and paste the address above and watch the slide show
Hi, Happyme, I made Christmas swags or Grave covers for my family last year I used garland from the dollar tree and some of the ribbon also... to fill in the area at your daughter's you could make two and sorta combine them to fill in the space.. the entire each swage cost me no more that $5.00 dollars as I used some of the things I had a the house.. to make the fake Garland look more real you could add some live branchs of pine and etc.. stuck in to florist foam..
Hope this will help you ..

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Happy Me, when I get the garland from the dollar tree, I open up the packet and unravel the garland and lay it on the floor and make a circle.. once the circle is made I use my hands and grab the circle in the middle and bring the middle of the circle together to form a fig. 8 or an on its side.. I use pipe cleaners ( you can get them in Green and Gold and REd durning Christmas.. then i work with the swag to get it to the right shape .. if you want to add more greenery to the bought garland, you can add a florist form at this point and use some wire to secure it.. once the form is secured start adding you fresh greens and make sure the form and if you have some kind of glue that works on square.. than I would use that.. or some kind of picks..add some Christmas picks from dollar tree they are two for a dollar.. a nice big ribbon made from Christmas wire ribbon, #$1.00 a spool. and then add some other items you may want to remember your wonderful
Daughter by.. I make one for my grandso who was only 18 days old and we use little cute boy toys and stuff animals and just all kinds of cute things.. you can use some wire hangers to secure your swag into the ground.. they do look nice on the graves.. Good Luck Happy Me and I too am very sorry for your loss.. My granson is buried in the baby section of our cemetery and so we all look after all the babies there...

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Thank you all so much! Huggy bear I think I'll probably try your way. I'd love to make one that is small but put all kinds of cutesy stuff critters!! We have a dollar tree so this is perfect!! I'll head out tomorrow and look for the garland and some ribbon as well as things to go on the swag! Your photos are amazing!

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Happyme, Thanks to this site, is where I was giving the idea and instructions..can not remember who posted it about the Christmas Swags, but I really enjoy making them ..Besure to post some pics of yours when you are done.. we all love to see each others crafts..

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I definitely will share photos. I'm heading to the dollar tree tomorrow to get the things to make my swag.

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There is a much simpler way to make a grave blanket! I made one for my husband's grave and here is how I did it.

I went to Lowes and bought a piece of green indoor-outdoor carpet 5' long - about $10. After they cut it, I took it home and cut it to 3'x5'.

Then I gathered all my silk flowers and ribbons (you could use fresh flowers or stuffed animals - anything you choose)

Then I gathered my hot glue gun,glue sticks and my orange electrical cord and layed everything out on the garage floor. I arranged my decorations ON THE I/O CARPET, then lifted them one by one and hot glued them on. For the heavier flowers, such as magnolia blossoms, I also used florist wire. It turned out amazingly beautiful!

I then took it to the grave site and layed it out, and anchored it with u-shaped coat hanger wire (think landscape fabric anchors).

It stayed there for two weeks, which was the time the cemetary association allows for such decorations. It had to be removed before they mowed.

I then brought it home, disassembled it, and later used the same flowers for a beautiful wreath.

The whole project cost was about $25, because I was able to find the flowers at Hobby Lobby on sale.

The nice thing about this method is that you can disassemble it, store the components and re-make it any time you like!

It's weather-proof.

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Kayjones, that is a cool way to make a grave-cover also.. I may try that next year for Grandson's birthday.. He was only 18 days old and he is the twin to my now almost 16 year old grandson.. He is in a very nice cemetery, but you know some folks are so mean and dishonest.. I have put beautiful statues on his grave stone and gone back two days later and it is gone, I have placed funny and cute stuffed animals there too and folks will steal them.. and this is in a nice neighborhood and all.. not sure why folks have to be that way. so I just make sure that I use a lot of thought when I place something on his grave so that is someone wants to steal it.. I kind of figure they must need it more than my sweet Conner does.. also when I make the Christmas Swag for my sister who is in a vault.. I am able to put a Ribbon on it to hang it from her marker.. which is nice.. you may be able to see it on the slide show not sure. I am able to make enough swags for all my family members for less than $30.00 for all of them together.. I buy christmas stuff at yard sales and Goodwill and where ever I can all year long and store them in a plastic container for my Christmas swags.. We have a cemetery in Cincinnati,Ohio where my brother is buried and they have the statue of the Christmas Angel and it is soo nice.. some day I will post the picture of it for all of you.. and if you ever get the chance read or watch the movie The Christmas Box.

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Ohhhh I love the Christmas Box Angel! We have one about 1.5 hours from us. We're going to the candle lighting ceremony of the 6th of December. In other news I bought everything I needed today from the dollar tree and am working on my daughter's swag for her gravesite now

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HappyMel, It's sad that you need a grave blanket but you did such a wonderful job on your Caly's grave for Halloween that she's smiling down on you and waiting for Christmas to arrive. I lost my first son 32 years ago on my 1st Mother's Day and it's something I hope I never have to endure again. I've never decorated for Christmas but thanks to huggy bears slide show and kayjones ideas I may try it. We are lucky that we have never dealt with theft at the cemetary. I tole paint so I think I'll paint something to put on mine.

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It is a hard loss to lose a child or as with me a sweet grandbaby, but each time I go to the to his grave site and we put things on it,is to just(I think)show ourselves that we are still thinking of them and that they will never ever
be forgotten.. I am pretty lucky, most of my family are also at the same place except for two.. so I just make it a Christmas trip.. We go all year long but Christmas is special for all the babies graves are dressed up for Christmas.. and everyone takes care of them all. We put Balloons on them and presents at Birthdays .. Bunnys at Easter, I finally made peace within , that if they take whatever I place on his grave, they need it more than he does and only two know what they did and they will be judged when time for them to meet their maker. I will try and get a picture of the Cross I made out of Greenery and bows and other items.. And Phone, I too, did not want to go there, it just reminded me of sad times.. but now, I do not mind going and it surely brings me closer to my love ones

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I am hoping the pics come thru for Happyme of the Christmas Box Angel

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huggybear_2008 check out my slideshow with my grandson taking most of the photos...

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