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jenni_caNovember 15, 2011

I made a few of these cute Santa scarfs and a neighbor wants to buy one.

I have NO idea what to charge her. It is made out of fleece. Double layer, 60" long.

I have never bought a scarf in my life, much less a custom one so I have no earthly idea what to charge.

Also, wondering if these would be a good seller at a Holiday Bazaar?

Any ideas?

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That's cute!

I'd pay $25, but it is probably worth more.

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Are you serious....I was thinking oh about $12-15.
Boy I stink at this pricing stuff. It's so much easier to just give stuff away! LOL

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Very cute!
Not sure on price either. $20 is what came to mind, if it is warm as well as cute. But if you can get $25 go for it!
You could make a little matching brooch from scraps for $5 for the cheap shopper.

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FlamingO in AR

Hi, Jenni! Your scarf is really cute and clever!

Rule of thumb used to be - 3x the cost of the materials. So if you have $6 invested in the fabrics and supplies, you should charge at least $18. And if it takes a really long time to make it, adjust your number up, of course.

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what state are you in?

California or New York = higher prices.

Midwest, lower income places = lower prices.

I like the idea of triple-ing your cost.

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