Hide a Hose!!! 60' hose question

Linda37160December 19, 2012

I am so excited I am getting a hide-a-hose. My question is Will it be hard to drag this 60' hose. When I was telling my husband about it this was the first statement out of his mouth.

I will not use this amount everyday but it will be there when needed.The 60' instead of the 50' keeps me from having more inlets.

Thanks for any comments. Linda

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No, it isn't heavy at all. Also, you only need to pull out the amount you need per vacuuming job.

The hardest part of HAH, for me, is initially pulling the hose out of the outlet (the first ten or twenty feet.) Even that is very minor, though... (That would only be a problem for people with extremely reduced upper body strength.)

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Thanks Lolauren.. I am so excited!!! All though this is a luxury item I think it will help me keep a better house. And I need all the help I can get for I am a terrible housekeeper.


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