Cinnamon pine cones?

posiehNovember 27, 2010

I have lots of pine cones that I use to make wreaths, etc. with. Now I', wondering how can I make cinnamon pine cones. I think they smell so great.

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Did you Google it? I would think you could use a little candle wax with cinnamon mixed it but might not look too nice, if you mixed cinnamon with glue it might not have any smell could try a little cinnamon in some & see if you can smell it when it dries. Try to spray a little adhesive or clear coat & while wet sprinkle with cinnamon, maybe using a flour sifter as you would have to get it on in a hurry & evenly. Maybe someone has made some, sound nice! I'd like to know how to make them. Jan

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Just Google in "Making cinnamon pinecones" McCormick has easy directions.Paint white glue on pinecone tips & sprinkle with cinnamon powder, shake off excess. There was another site farther down that said 1/4 c. cinnamon escentual oils if you wish etc. Norton says it may not be a safe site so be careful. If your wreaths are for outside use Glueall or it will wash off in rain. Elmer's Glueall won't wash off, I use it at ends of rose canes so borers don't get in them.

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I would use the escentual oils...Most of the scented pine cones you buy do not have anything glued on.

I have about nine pines outside. with about three different sizes of pine...I think I'll go pick some up and make up some baskets of cinnamon scented for gifts.

I love the smell for Christmas.


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