More Handprint Crafts for Kids

kudzukweenNovember 28, 2008

These are cute and really quick and easy. My grandson made both this morning.You need construction paper, white paint for the Santa, a paint color for the handprint inside the mitten, and different colors of construction paper. And I used cosmetic cotton balls for Santa's trims. Paint pens for Santa's face, but you could use crayons or markers. My grandson is sending these as cards to his Daddy in Iraq.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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A few years ago we made handprint calendars for the parents' Christmas gifts at our preschool. They were really neat, but very time-consuming with so many children. We used prints like those on the first link below, except we used the bunny from the second site for the April picture.

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Those are precious! I love the Bunny, and the Penguin, in fact, there's quite a few I've never seen before and can't wait for my three grandchildren to try! The Butterfly...and this Reindeer is new to me, I'd love to make this Reindeer very soon :D You did a great job with the kids making their calenders, I know I'd be thrilled with one just like it!
I marked your blog!

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There is a daddy in Iraq who is going to be very proud to receive those cute cards from his son! Tell your grandson he did a nice job!! Maybe he can make the reindeer & get it sent by xmas!!Jan PS did you get your freezer working? I need to write down that tip for newspaper getting rid of bad smells. I could have used it about mo. ago. I parked too close to FG trash containers & there was dead animal in it,my trunk smelled awful. I used bleach & Febreze & Lysol,got a cheap apple cinnamon air freshener, it's finally better.

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Never got it working, Santa will have to bring me a new one. The newspaper really does work! lol
After we made all these things for my son in law,he called from Germany. They'd lifted him out, and sent him to a hospital in Germany, and last night he got to San Antonio,Texas. Something is wrong with one of his eyes, the pupil looks like it's blown out, it's huge and the other is tiny. He can't see anything but white out of that eye. Tests in the hospital in Iraq didn't tell them anything, and tests in Germany didn't tell anything but that his eye is full of white blood cells, but they don't know from what. They said he has no infection, so they don't know why the white blood cells attacked his eye.
I'll update when I know something.

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