Larger side by side refrigerator question

chloenkittyDecember 12, 2013

We currently have a standard size side by side samsung refrigerator and I hate it. You can barely put anything in it and forget it for party trays or holiday leftovers. Those of you who have one know what I mean.

We are building a home and I need all appliances. I don't know how I feel about a French door style. I do like the side by side concept, but a standard size won't cut it and the really big ones where each side is the size of one regular refrigerator. I'm thinking a 48" may do the trick. Am I correct? Like when range shopping, sadly I cannot find one locally to see in person :( does anyone have a 48" side by side? If so, if the size sufficient and what brand do you have/are you happy with it? I have found sub zero, jenn-air, kitchen aid and Thermador online in a 48" size.

Thanks so much.

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When we redid our kitchen back in 2006, we felt the same as you do, as far as the size of SXS fridges prior to 2006 or so. We had a GE SxS and alto it was one of the biggest during its day, ( In 2006, I "actually designed" the kitchen "around the Fridge". At first We were gonna go with a 42" but then I saw the 48" fridges, So I said, I'm gonna find that extra 6" we need for the 48", and I did.

One of the best decisions we ever made! We've had our Jenn-air 48" since 2006, other than replacing the ice maker after about 5 years, (was really easy to do and about $135), The fridge has been completely trouble free, it hasn't even blown a light bulb yet!

We love the space, both the fridge section and the freezer section. We're getting older and being able to put the stuff we use most and a convenient height for us , really helps!
(both inside the fridge and freezer). We are just as apt to get into the freezer as the fridge and we're just to old to perform "Squatters Rights" trying to retrieve stuff from a low freezer.

We did buy the Jenn-air before Maytag which was bought by Whirlpool. It seems to have more features than the newer Jenn- Air fridges that we see folks here in GW talk about. We have crank up/down shelves in both the fridge and freezer sections; We have 3 different temp zones in the fridge compartment, (all digitally controlled).

It's possible some of the folks were looking at less than top of the line Jenn-air fridges~~~so I would try to see one in person.

Anyway we love our SXS 48" fridge and have since 2006!


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My wife has had the 48" GE Monogram side by side built-in for about 12 years, no problems.

Gary (~350 miles north of the other Gary)

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