Went to some craft and bazaars today

classactNovember 15, 2008

I don't know about anyone else but at the craft fairs and bazaars I just don't seem to see anything new. Everyone has the same old "tired" crafts they are trying to sell. There must be something new out there to make. I personally can't think of anything.

Or maybe crafting has come to an end with all these cheap imports from China.

I wish someone would come up with a NEW idea. When I look back at all the craft that I made and sold I now wonder why anyone bought them. They all seem so useless now. I used to love to "tole paint", now I wouldn't have any of it in the house.

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Well, we are people & often buy things we don't need. We also love to be part of the latest craze, why else would a 60 yr old woman get in a hulahoop!!! The shift inside homes from traditional, to French to country, to what I call European look(like noone lives there)etc, some of those looks like collections, antiques, etc,others require only something on the wall & very little anywhere else. I like chrome faucet in kitchen, had to get nickel, hate it, it spots, doesn't like you to can etc. But it is a fad. Real chrome last 40 yrs,nickel if you can & cook,looks tacky in couple of yrs. Silver polish makes chrome glow, nothing works on nickel. Remember how mop dolls & the dolls standing in corners hit everybody,they were different. Now most women have to work I think all the creative people are on this group of forumsGJ& T_T & this 1. So at least there are some ideas on here.Also the bazaars out here became places for manufactured jewelry,jam from factory etc. fun all left! Just my take!

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The show we did this weekend use to be so crowded when the doors opened you could hardly see what was going on. You had to get on a waiting list to even participate as a vendor. This weekend that same show was able to put all their crafters in one area (the gym) instead of using the four or five buildings they once used. There was a lot of jewelry makers and a man with baskets (they were suppose to be handmade items but he said they were handmade somewhere), ladies with quilts and the watercolor artists who were selling their art work based on historic places in our town. We had all handpainted and handmade items in our booth. We sold a lot of ornaments, one lady purchased over $327 worth of ornaments. We did very well (made over $1100). The wreath ladies did not fair so well. I am beginning to think the craft shows are a thing of the past, there are just too many things out there that have been imported in at such rediculous prices, there is no way we can compete. My best sellers were hand painted Santas and Snowmen, Christmas flamingos, and the old standbys, spoons and lightbulbs. But I can tell you I put a lot of time and effort in these items and had to sell them at a very low price.

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Thanks for the report - Sounds like a profitable day for you! My show yesterday was OK - $480 (after expenses)for a five hour show - I do the potato bags and a few other things - it was inside with 85 degree weather outside so it was hard for people to be in the mood, but I won't complain - the rent was $75, I have another one today - a founders day celebration - so no Christmas - I pull out my gag gifts to lure them over and sell them my potato bags...

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Ms. Bonnie, one of our ladies did the cutest cinnamon stick snowmen. She painted simple colors , a white face with the dots for the eyes but she used miniature baskets for his hat and cut the fingers out of knitted gloves for the hats of the snow women. They were darling and she sold a lot of them. She also made tiny snowmen out of clay and put them in thimbles. They were the sweetest ornaments. Everything I have left over will go to my DIL school and hopefully the teachers will buy them. Good luck today.

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