Suggestions needed for light/magnifier/clamp stand

caroline94535November 29, 2010

I need a lot of light and magnification when I'm working on beadwork, quilting embellishments, and counted cross-stitch projects.

I'm looking for an adjustible floor-stand lamp with a very bright light and strong magnifier glass. Do any of you good folks use something similar?

Do you have suggestions as to which would be the best model?


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Alot of the sewing catalogs have them in there.

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Joanne's has several & if you have a coupon cheaper & even better when on sale for 40 or 50% off. I have the small Ott-Lite 13 watt Task Light OTL13TCG that is model listed on the back of lamp, couldn't find anything on outside of box. They had a battery operated one that is great also but they discontinued it at our local store or I would have gotten 1 as so handy to take along. I can get slivers out of my hands with the light mine gives, I love it. But mine doesn't have a magnifier & I think they had another 1 that did. They are $40- 50 with coupon & more with magnifier. Go on Joanne's site & Michael's if you have them close to you. Or at least you will know what is available & might be cheaper on line if you don't have these stores & have to go to sewing machine store, maybe Wal Mart has them. I would check online. Jan

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I bought a Ott lite from Hobby Lobby and the condenser went out withing a month. I contacted Ott in FL and they were great. When I gave them the model number I found out the lamp (floor style) was made in 2006, so therefore it was 4 years old already. I followed their instructions and they sent me a brand new one, different style, and condenser is in the light bulb , not in the arm or leg and now if it goes out, all I have to do is replace the light, not the whole fixtures. Vickie was great. They also sell all different Ott lights and you can go directly to their web site. Many of the stores like Hobby Lobby and others do carry the older models. Don't know about Michael's but check out the model number and you will find out when the light was made. The model I have is a Dakota and the base is very heavy.

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I ordered a light with a magnifier from and they were great. I've only had it a couple of days but it sure works good so far.It has a heavy base with rollers and works great in my craft room
It' called Daylight u23030 floor standing daylight lamp lafayette.
It was a lot cheaper $109.00 than Joann's but isn't a name brand of Ott. I've got one of their lights to but no magnifier. even with the shipping $21.21 from N.Orleans! Good luck.

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