Altered book lite craft

oddieNovember 19, 2007

Had made a book kinda like this in ceramics years ago, then saw one made useing a altered book, on another fourm, desided to try my hand at it, and of course had to add a lite, over did the staining, on the book page and graphic, and made a huge mistake of useing a water base stain, had to fight with the book part ever sense, sure would do some reading up on it before I ever try one of these agine, so its my frist try! glued book and lite to a peice of old oak, thought it went with the old look I was trying for, need some more help with takeing photos! sorry.

Sjarz sure hope you are not inspired to make one of these! started it before your request, and you know I had to share

Happy Crafting


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As always an outstanding job!! Beautiful!!


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I think it looks great Oddie. Love the Santa you used, and I think the light makes it just perfect. Would look so cute in a vignette on an end table I think. Luvs

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Darn you, Oddie!! Now where did I put those old hardback reader's digests....LOL - very sweet, I am so far resisting the temptation to start anything else.
Next year, though....
Suzan J

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I like that! I think it turned out just great.

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It sure does look nice, even if it did give you a bit of attitude. Frankly, if you hadn't told us you'd had issues with it, we never would have known from the results.


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Thank you, need to get hubby takeing my photos agine, this book craft isnt just for Christmas, had made one in ceramics for a wedding gift, had the bride and grooms photo on one side and there wedding info on the other, also a music box that played the song played at there wedding all done in white and gold!
for the base you could use books also, use two and stack them each turned a little so they are not just stacked, a flower from the wedding to decorate with, has alot of other possibility!
so sjarz you can still try after Christmas is over!
Luvs you could do a story book of petter rabbit since you love bunnies , and are such a great painter you could paint right on the page, Ginger I think I read that you do altered art, another way to use up all those nice books no one wants.
Happy Crafting

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This is so beautiful, Oddie. I don't understand the problems you had because whatever they were, you worked it out and it turned out great - but I think all of your stuff turns out great. Please post pics of the other ones you have done.

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I remember a craft done with books like that years and years ago...I've never tried it yet...but this is the closest to making me want to...LOL..

Do you have to glue each individual page?...Seems it would get really thick that way. Also what glue do you use?..

I think we have one more lunch and craft day before Christmas that I have to come up with something for them to do.


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Thank you! paintingfool and pittco, sorry dont have photos of the others, they were ceramices and done 20 something years ago, I just desided it could also be done with a regular book, the ceramices one had two books laying flat, each kinda turned a little, then another book open and set on top and leaned back, I used a peice of wood for the back to rest on and glued where the wood and book meet.
Yes you do need to glue each page, and use somekind of clamp till the glue sets, keep the book open how you want it to look so the pages glue right, I used glue stick cause its not water base and wont make the pages wrinkle, had no trouble painting the out side book cover, it was blue and also painted the page edge gold, after all of that I used a waterbase stain even after spray sealing it wrinkled the pages, I used a iron and a pressing cloth to get as many wrinkles out as I could, kinda melted the glue and helped the page to lay back down, dont know what I was thinking, anyway give it a try , book are cheap or even free at some thrift stores.

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Oddie, I have seen pictures of altered books in mags and admired them, but never ever tried to do one. You really caught my attention when you mentioned that I could paint on it! I have painted on the front of several old books but never thought about fixing them so I could do an open book.

I'm just wondering why a product like Mod Podge wouldn't work for these? Have you thought about that or tried it? Wonder if it would leave a good surface to paint on? Any ideas on that PF? Might just have to do a bit of experimenting after I get Thanksgiving over and have a bit more time.

See Oddie, you are always inspiring and motivating us. ;o)


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Luvs, I started to mention modpodge, but wasnt sure about it, and didnt want to say the worng thing, maybe use gesso on the page you want to paint, but agine not sure if that would wrinkle the page, I did a search on altered books but gosh so much comes up, one said you could use paste to glue pages together instead of glue stick, maybe ask on the painting fourm the best thing to put on the page before painting, my printer was running low on ink and didnt print the picture right and I used markers to fill in, so afaird of telling you the worng thing,
could paint on something else and then glue it to you book, like maybe a peice of cannvas sorry! you know me have to use what I have on hand. I know you will figure it out! and of course you will have to post photo!
sorry I am not more help!

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That is beautiful..I have wanted to paint on the cover of books and hang them as shown on some of the prim pages but have been getting ready for Christmas and will have to do this after Christmas but seeing your book - I really have to do that too. These would make wonderful gifts. I just hope I can do half as well as you did. My printer is not behaving right now so am very anxious to make a picture of your book as an example..(not to copy but to use as a guide - hope you don't mind - it is gorgous. Tiki222

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Another great job!! Really enjoy seeing your work. Keep em coming.

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Oh,this is beautiful! I think I'll give it a try :)

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Thank you! and yes please give it a try!
Tiki222 feel free to use my photo for a guide, I am always pleased when some thing I make inspireds other crafters to want to make it, half the fun for me is seeing if I can make a item I have seen and wanted to try! please share a photo when done.
Happy Crafting

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Thanks, oddie, it will be after Christmas when I get to it but went to sleep last night thinking about your beautiful book light. Will try to post a picture when I finish - am just now in the process of getting set up for pictures thnks to my grandson.

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